Wednesday, May 25, 2011

7. Best five WoW experiences in order of amazing awesomeness

First let me just say that Postember is back baby! Computer issues are resolved – all systems go!

Now on to my best five WoW experiences in order of amazing awesomeness:

  1. I’d been playing WoW about two weeks and realised I’d started my human mage a long way from my mate’s nelf hunter. I posted on the server forums my predicament and was contacted in-game by a mage (a level 60!!!!!). He ported and ran with me from one continent to the next, going out of his way to get additional FPs if we were close to them. The world of Azeroth was a bigger place then, not the ghost town it’s become since set Dalaran and now SW portals came into play. Toons were everywhere as we caught boats and gryphons. I was hugely impressed that someone I didn’t know would go out of their way to help another player. This experience started me off in a very posistive way in the game of WoW.
  2. Gold Cap – the 1st. Struggle, study, application, success – BOOM! Gold cap – At Gold Limit!
  3. Tanking on my bear. Being part of our 10-man teem was awesome (see above). Working with a smart crew to down challenging bosses – fantastic!
  4. Discovering my new main and the joy that is warlockery. Many posts on this – especially the PVPness.
  5. Gold Cap – the 2nd. 1 Million Gold! Woohoo!
What about yourselves? Just give me the number 1!

: )


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