Sunday, May 29, 2011

9. my most devious gold making strategy is…


My most devious gold making tool is…


Yes, you heard me right – patience and size. Let me explain:
  1. Patience - Building your crafting capacity - toon by toon, profession by profession. Patiently levelling up and getting things ready. Slowly and surely;
  2. Patience - Calmly building your Auctioneer data via daily scans so when you strike it will be from a position of knowledge;
  3. Patience - Hauling your arse around Azeroth dealing with time wasters as you create your guildbank(s), yes, you will definitely need more than one;
  4. Patience - Diligently building your pile of gold until it starts getting substantial and useful (100K);
  5. Size - when the “really” low mat prices hit (and they will) the waiting is over - you buy out EVERYTHING. Nothing is left, not even a whisper of the mat you’re focusing on. If 200 stacks are up you take them all. You’re buying everything in moderation all the time of course but on the really great deals you hit and you hit hard;
  6. Patience - You compose yourself and settle in to wait for the next really great deal.
Why is patience a devious tactic? Cause developing it will give you the edge in the ‘grinding’ game of WoW in almost every situation. On the AH, on the battlefield, questing… Dare I say it but it’s even considered a pretty big thing to have in RL.

Folks who deal in flow of product understand that your gold is made when you buy, not when you sell. Develop your patience and see if it works for you.

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  1. Great post - I 100% agree that where I buy materials determines if I make money, and how much, because where I sell is largely determined by the market.