Thursday, December 29, 2011

A brief RECAP! 250k to 1 million gold

Hi folks,

Well that's done!  Nice to be back over the million again.  : )
This is where I started seven weeks ago: 5 toons came across, each with portable holes to all slots.  I'd spent months laboriously converting my gold to product, creating choppers, shuffling for chant mats, proccing out flasks and making BSing buckles and weapon chains (I also took all glyphs to 15 stacks - and then forgot to bring the pally glyphs).

TCG mounts were a definite help, I snagged two raptors (one of which I still have) and a big battle bear.  Here's what I bought em for.
And here's what I sold them for.
On my old small server I watched them drop by 10000g before I bought them.  On the new populous server I set my sell prices and waited.  Combined purchase price was 135554g, sell price was 230850 - so far that's 95k profit on the two.  I still have a raptor listed for 142k gold - it'll sell eventually.

And that's what came home to me... on this new server if an item is saleable then it "will" sell and likely at the price you set.  I've gone from a server with less than 1000 active toons to one with over 20000.  I sold all 10 choppers within a few weeks, they flew off the shelves and for reasonable prices.  I'd thought 10 was an optimistic number as on the old server they'd languish for months on end - not so on Frostmourne.  My original store of 14 stacks of buckles have gone and I'm now crafting afresh.  Gems went like wildfire and mogging flipping has been fun and profitable.

Some interesting things about making it to the mill again on Frostmourne:
  • I'm selling gems where the competition is posting at less then 10g for buyout (around 195g).  I can only surmise that I have Blizz's dodgy basic interface to thank.  It happens regularily.
  • I've bought some herbs to transmute green gems to blues but apart from that everything I've sold is what I brought with me which was prospected from 6 bank tabs of pyrite ore.
  • I've not entered the epic gem market at all.
  • Mogging flipping is great fun.  I buy blue and epic weapons only for less than 200g and post for 1500g.  They move along nicely.  I make sure only to buy weapons that are rare and "look" interesting.  Remember, people are mogging to make their toons unique - trying to sell a look that is prevalent on the AH is not going to get you far.
  • Glyph competition is fierce - I only really glyphed when I wanted to get the last few thou towards cap - getting about 3k a day from this when actively glyphing (ie, 2 posts a day).
Stay liquid guys,


Friday, December 2, 2011

30. how to enjoy playing WoW - part 3

Olla – how 4.3 working out for you guys. I’ve not had a lot of time over the last few days to jump in but when I was on totally loved transmogging my astonishingly ugly DK epic two hander look to a very simple 5g green from the AH – take that crazy WoW art!

Now for the third instalment of this series.

30. how to enjoy playing WoW - part 3

Do ‘some’ hard things
The best games, the ones you remember are the ones that excited and challenged you. Find something that is going to be difficult to accomplish and take a run at it. It could be anything? One of my toons is in a great gulid that primarily PVEs. I’m considering trying to mobilise at least a number of guildies to get some premades going to capitalise on the new conquest point changes. There’s some interest but it’ll be hard work to get it going and make it self-sustaining. That’s why if I manage it, it’ll be fun.

Don’t chase achievements
When achievements first came out everyone in my guild started chasing them. We were a hardmode 10-man guild and the general thought was that the points you got for achievements would (to be announced at a future date) provide some form of benefit in game, something the raid group could leverage off. We weren’t alone in this, everyone thought that would be the case. In actual fact achievement points provide no benefit other than distinguishing you from your fellow players. They are purely for ePeen and seem more self-flagellating than any other element of the game.

Summing up
Relax! Take a step back. So much of the angst I read about when people quit the game seems to be related to both a level of frustration with the xpac roundabout (now the patch roundabout) and an incapacity to monitor and restrict their own time spent playing the game. Fair enough, the first is just plain annoying and the second for most people is a learned skill (it certain was/still is for me). Remember that this is a game and while most games have an ending WoW, by design, doesn’t. You need to provide your own endpoint.

Stay liquid folks,