Friday, July 22, 2011

on hiatus

Hi there folks, wowmogul is going on holiday.

In my absence there will be nobody at the helm so please stand clear as wowmogul careens around the blogosphere, scraping the other blogs' paintwork and generally creating mischief and mayhem.  I’ll be putting together posts during my downtime (including a juicy 3-parter I’m currently working on) and may even lurk comment-wise around some of my fave WoW gold blogs.

Where am I going? Nowhere! : ) I’m simply unplugging while I prioritise some RL projects for the next 6 weeks or so.

Stay liquid folks,


Friday, July 15, 2011

17. If Blizz made a 200K gold sink what would it be?

It’s a bus!

Where does it come from?

Gnomes… and goblins! Who else? Up in the hills above Gnomeregan there’s a workshop full of amazing gizmos and gadgets. Those who make the pilgrimage find a strange workshop, formed by an enterprising gnome called Screwtight Pinchpurse. Under his leadership a crew of fiscally minded short folk put together all manner of machinery – for a price. You must have 100K gold in your bags just to get in the door for a look.  The style?  Need you ask – steampunk for sure.

Who’s on the bus?
1) The Party Guy – a hard-drinking dwarf who sells questionable drinks and dances with the patrons when the bus stops
2) The Party Girl – a belf lass who sells ‘cakes’, glow sticks and bottled water
3) The Mech(anic) – a gnome BS and general merchant
4) The Bus driver – tauren with an attitude, or course
5) The Raid Group – that’s you and your mates, the bus holds up to 20 toons

Buses abilities:
1) Backfire – the bus gives an enormous backfire stunning all in the vicinity for 3 seconds
2) Rocket boost – 5 second speed boost
3) Anti-personnel ram – surprise your friends, pummel your enemies

Drive options:
1) Self drive – where you take the wheel, careful though, this thing is long and hard to maneuver
2) Bus Driver – available at any time the bus is on a known road, select the city you want to go to and bus drives to the gates

This bus would fast become the ‘must have’ piece of equipment for all serious PVP guilds as fleets of these suckers (well, given the price tag maybe not fleets…) could be seen pulling into the opposing faction’s cities like that campervan charge in Independence Day.

How about you guys?  Got any ideas for other 200K gold sinks?

: )


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

16. feral provides interwebs with body of work

I’m levelling Stormbear to cap and given my server part of my prep involves getting the best PVP setup I can, stam patching all gear up the wahzoo, chanting weapons, gemming where I can, flasks, bandages... Everything the best that gold can buy. Part of my process is also revisiting my UI, macros, spec and playstyle. It’s been a long time since my druid was out in the world and a lot’s changed.

How do I know a lot has changed?


To put it bluntly I’d been doing it wrong. I had a standard PVP spec that was not capitalising on the awesome power of kitty bleeds. I also had not been using my class’s capacity to change forms, staying cat for far too long. The last time I seriously PVPd was arena somewhere around T6/T7. Back then kitties ‘never’ moved out of cat form. BGs and the class are different these days.

I’m paraphrasing the videos here and likely not that well so watch them:

This one is the feral PVP starter and it’s great! Spec, glyphs, stats to promote – wonderful.

This one is the start of what is effectively a BG training series where Hengest basically just takes you along for the ride while he runs through a BG. There is a whole series of these. They’re terrific for a feral to watch but are excellent also from the POV of BG stratergy. Highly recommended.

There are a bunch of these that I’m enjoying working through.

Great stuff!

: )


Thursday, July 7, 2011

15. wake up man I’m flipping ya squirrels

I thought a brief word on monitoring could be useful.

For a long time now I’ve been buying mechanical squirrels. I buy them for 9g95s and sell them for 59g.  I sell squirrels quite regularly.

There’s only one guy on server who posts them (apart from myself) and for as long as I can remember when he posts, I’ve been buying him out.

Does he know that I’m doing this? Has he checked on the pet market and seen that I have five of everything up, selling vendor pets from 35g up to 200g? I’m thinking not. I’m thinking that he’s got a process going and is not checking the market to see what is selling and who is posting against him.

So what can you do to keep an eye on things?
  1. If you notice a sudden buying streak on your stock then check to see who’s buying. Glyphers will be used to this as buying out the competition happens every now and then, especially when sale prices get close to mat prices.  Other folks may not.
  2. If you’re using one of the autoposting addons (well, as auto as they get these days) then make sure you have your viewing tab set to the standard auction tab when you post. This way you’ll see the competitions’ posts as you go through and know how you're placed in the market.
  3. Make sure that at regular intervals you check through your Zeroauctions (or the like) posting list and make sure your price ranges are still competitive with the market.  For example you may be selling a hard-to-procure item for way less then the market is willing to pay.  As easy way to do this is to set aside some time and check using the Enhancements and Consumables tabs on the Undermine Journal.
Don't let someone flip your 'squirrels'!

Stay liquid folks,