Sunday, March 20, 2011

one million gold

Well folks I’ve done it – capped the 1 million. Here’s a pic of my lock looking a great deal more excited then my druid did last time. : )
It’s been a great journey with a lot of fun and gold on the way.

This week's take was 56,687G making this the second biggest week I've had. : ) Again this week it's been the crafted BS, tailoring and LW gear that's brought in the big Gs. I've certainly had a few big glyph days but mostly it's been the crafted greens and blues.

Now onto the interesting stuff...

Hi folks, I’m Stormbear of Thaurissan server aka Mogul of Back when I was raiding my main was a feral druid. We ran exclusively 10-man content and I loved tanking and DPSing through first Ulduar and then ICC. It was a great guild, well led and run (Hi Syltaryn and Dudeman!). Since those times I’ve been active on server levelling trade skills and in general playing this game less time-intensively then one has to as a raider but with an equal amount of vigor on the gold-making front. More recently I've taken to playing my lock Shortcut as main - he's a bunch of fun! : )

History buffs will know that Thaurissan was the first server to receive a free PVE to PVP transfer. My home server was Aman'thul and when a transfer was offered almost overnight the main raiding guilds from Aman’thul, Nagrand and Khaz’goroth ‘appeared’ on Thaurissan – instantly these guilds got access to the much larger PVP player base. I was soon hard at work in the AH making good coin as I’d come with a well-stocked vault of enchanting goods and the server was resource dry and the incoming guilds cash rich. I remember my own trepidation at the transfer - retrospectively… it was the best move I ever made. Of course these days those guilds are gone and Thaurissan is a very unbalanced server with an Alli to Horde ratio of about 1:10. Even so I find myself, oddly, to quite enjoy playing on this server - the world PVP is great and the AH markets are chaotic and fluctuate wildly.
I'd like to give a big shout out to the great folk I've been learning from in the blogosphere, special mention to Anaalius and Stokpile: Stok for his great work and attention to detail, Anaalius (who’s gold pile has oft times been a similar height to mine) for showing the extents of where you can go with this minigame when you’re happy to risk it all. Also Tella from Hit the Cap definitely inspired me and provided a lot of my early direction in gold making; and of course Warcraft Econ with their rogues’ gallery of goblins (and moguls ; ) are right up there. Finally I’d like to thank my wife who’s tolerated with good humour my strange obsession with this MMO and digital gold in particular.

Where to now?

In a wow sense I’m going to keep on doing just what I’ve been doing – why would I stop? I’ll likely rein back my glyph empire but I’ll certainly keep it functional. I’ll definitely be working to expand my other areas of trade just to see what’s out there that’s interesting to sell and I’ll be levelling toons to cap so that I can start to finally make use of those new recipes. The discipline will continue but the intensity will be scaled back.

I'll be posting here regularly of course and maintaining a presence in the blogosphere - like making gold this is simply too much fun to give up.

I'm sure longer posts about the process of capping and something a bit more in-depth on what I'm going to get up to will follow but for now I'd like to say thanks for reading and stay liquid.

: )



  1. Congrats!

    For some reason, I have missed your blog! Thank Anaalius for having you on the blogroll (just saw you on there), you have some great things happening here, keep it up!

    Alto’s Goldish Advice- The Worst WoW Blog Ever!

    *I added you to my blogroll. =)

  2. Cheers Alto - it's nice to get that feedback. Thanks for the add - loved your Clearance Sale post - have added you too : )

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