Sunday, September 30, 2012

a meeting of the minds

Well, I'm exalted with the fish guys.  I like em - nice characterisation, pleasant quests - some quite amusingly named.  Getting to exalted was way quick though and was really just an aspect of completing the quests.  No one here worked for it.  Talking of amusing that woose Rell is starting to make nelfs look bad - the dwarf, human and fish guy just spend all their time carrying him around.  I loved the sniper quest - took me back to my Counter Strike days.

I'm almost 86 and am very happy with the pace of levelling - not too fast and plenty to see and do.  Even some time to hang with the locals...

+ panda schmanda!  Buggs is all over this!!  ; )

Stay liquid guys,


Friday, September 28, 2012

dwarf's best friend

There he is - look at him with his crazy blue eyes and teeny tiny little arms, who wouldn't love him!

Recent activity
BGs - full O bots!  Almost whole teams (sometimes ours, sometimes horde) just standin' around looking at the clouds... sad really.
Questing - still in the starting zone.  I like it - very pretty.
Got a new suite - check it out my man, I is purple!!  I also gained over 20K hits and almost 15% crit - mwah ha ha haa!
First aid - levelled it in a matter of minutes.  Astonishingly easy.

Stay liquid folks,


Thursday, September 27, 2012

what a mess!

Ollo folks!  This is Ennadee's Twirling Longbow - it's sleek and beautiful and due to the changes to dwarven racials it's just as good for this dwarf as a hand cannon (which is nice as that constant blam blam really starts to shit me after a while).

what a mess!

I wish I could say my keybinds were in such good order... I don't remember hunters having quite this amount of defensive abilities.  I'm not complaining but sheesh, finding a spot for everything is insane.  I've reached the opinion that deconstructing everything now is the way to go - hence the above.  I'm going to have to get a pen and paper...

Closing this post, Syltaryn asked if I screen-shotted the choppa craziness from launch day - sure did!

Stay liquid folks,


Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Could I resist calling a pet with tiny arms 'Sidekick'?

No... no I could not.

: )


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

working as intended

Ha ha! Patch day...

Syltaryn warned me against it and yet off I went anyway. Frostmourne was locked so after queuing for over 3 hours I was in.

Got on my hunter, Sidetrack, and checked spec (my MM was intact - not BM which I intend to get back into but I knew the MM buttons so I stayed with it for the moment) got my glyphs lined up, took levelling/PVP oriented talents and specced my fiery dog, Sideburns, as ferocity. The I caught a plane to Pandaria!

... alone with the rest of the server...

Potentially the first bombing-run quest is working as intended but with a million button presses all happening at the same time it got not pretty real quick. I had to off 60 horde and 8 something somethings which I managed by firing for targets waaay off in the distance (as the close ones were mown down in a Alliance rocket frenzy) but once we got to the boat at the end of the run there was a strange DNA-like strand of players in copters floating eerily whilst overlapping each other and all firing madly as they tried to break out of the loop.

Few made it. I was not one of them.

/1 in the zone was mad with everyone talking to each other and...

Sidetrack: anything you typed turned up four times!
Sidetrack: anything you typed turned up four times!
Sidetrack: anything you typed turned up four times!
Sidetrack: that's right, anything you typed turned up four times!

The nerdrage and threats towards Blizzard flowed freely which was most amusing.

Hopped out of my copter and got out of the zone and logged.

I won't be back on until tomorrow night when I'll spend some time respeccing to BM and getting my dino out again - woohoo!

Stay liquid folks,



... that is all.

: )


Saturday, September 15, 2012

freakin eyeballs

That's right - freakin eyeballs man!

Ever since I saw the Gronnstalker shoulders I've wanted shoulders with freakin eyeballs in them.  Now, here they are!

: )


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So here's the choices for the rest of my mogul-winz week:

Warrior, prot - of course. Easiest to get back into - read: minimal UI changes required, new blocking concepts to get across but not too hard + I've levelled solely as prot through instances so there's some good muscle memory there ++ warrior tanking is fun!

followed by...

Lock - only when Power Auras is revised for 5.0.4 (I'm incapable of playing without it apparently). Locks do look sweet though - lots of interesting things happening, groovy new pets, fun changes to specs.

Here's what I won't be playing:

Paladin. Tried it last night with one of those giant blue monstrosities Blizzard calls a male Draenei. What were they thinking - teeny tiny legs at an angle sufficiently different to the females to look like they were badly set after a skiing accident, bull shoulders and comparatively tiny heads and so little expression in their faces that you'd swear they'd been the subject of some deranged plastic surgeon's Botox experiment. Then there's paladins which I assume eventually turn into an amazingly exciting class but unfortunately my initial levelling experience was so lacklustre that I have a feeling I'll never find out when this happens.

So Bankgrrl gets another run - I'm glad. Time for a quick review of the four or five random instances I might get then back into it.

: )


Monday, September 10, 2012

on whee

I winz wow!

That's right folks, all it took was paying a monthly fee since BC and then not paying it for two and a half months for Blizzard to give me a free week, and whilst I would have preferred a free week and a sparkle pony (as I now consider them delightfully retro) I decided to take my win and convert it to hard playtime! I WINZ!!!1!

Only guess what? I have no idea what to do and before I can do anything I have to learn a bunch of stuff about my toons in order to get them ready to play. I had to download the patch, reconfigure the install (apparently something that happens from time to time although I can't remember it happening ever before), update the addons and then finally get into game. Now I have to read up on all class changes and make a decision as to who gets the 85 to 90 gig. I find myself oddly drawn to my druid who was my second main and partially drawn to my lock who was third main.

Then there's starting at level 1. On this front I still have pally and shaman to go. I had thought that my next alt would be panda monk, closely followed by panda shaman so maybe pally?

Add to all this that after a few months off it felt strangely aimless to be back in game. I have other projects that I like to do now and I feel unwilling to commit to placing a large store of time back into this endevour but I know that if I'm to play it even casually on a higher level toon then a large chunk of time is what I'll need to put aside.

Some time ago now I left my warrior at 74. Perhaps now is the time to get back into tanking.

I'll have some more time tonight to muck around but do find myself bemused by this WoW ennui.

Stay liquid folks,