Sunday, August 29, 2010

my botfriend's back

Warden got him but you hung around
And bothered me, days and nights
And when I wouldn't buy from you
You said things that weren't very nice

My botfriend's back and you're gonna be in trouble
(Pay yah late-ah my botfriend's back)
You see him comin' on your margins he will pummel
(Pay yah late-ah my botfriend's back)
You been spreading lies that I was untrue
(Pay yah late-ah my botfriend's back)
So look out now cause he's undercutting you
(Pay yah late-ah my botfriend's back)

With apologies to Feldman, Goldstein and Gottehre.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

more gold

Let’s see – time for an update people:

Gold – 366,224G:

I’ve been spending a bit here and there – bought a Hilt for 9500 and a tundra mammoth for my DK while he levels. I’m happy with where the businesses are going and although I’m not focussing on pulling in the gold I am finding double cap just a bit alluring. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and see how I go by cata which I’m thinking is about 11 to 12 weeks away. My cata speculation being based upon:

Blizzcon 2008 – Oct 10/11
Wotlk release – Nov 13 2008

Blizzcon 2010 – Oct 21
Cata release? Nov 22/23???

Coming along – I’m now the proud owner of a lvl 71 DK and a lvl 77 hunter. Hunter has Alch and Tailoring (hahaha tailoring on a hunter – I LOVE to fly around on my frosty carpet). The DK is soon to have BS and I’ll keep Skinning on him for cata. I'm now at 440 LW on my druid after swapping out Mining.

While I’m on this here’s a tip for all those skinners out there: Rugged Leather is a chokehold for this profession – you need a boatload to level LW and at this stage of the expansion there was only a stack or two of either this or knothide on the AH. I actually had to farm about 300 pieces of each myself. Arranging artistic screenshots of dead yetis was my only release.

Guild Banks
I still have 2 – went to 5 tabs on both and now a 6th tab on my crafting bank.
BOA Gear
Hello – yes? Ok – I am indeed grinding through 5 mans for emblems on my bear – I need 50 more and I’ll have the chest, shoulders, wep and two trinks for my new lock and worgen priest come cata : ) My DK is already wearing chest, shoulders and wep and the hunter has chest and wep.

Master List
Here’s what I’m regularly posting on the AH.
Glyphs – full listing of all glyphs – hold a stack of each glyph, posting 2 at a time and over posting rather than cancelling when I’m lazy – I’m riding the AH pretty hard atm and soaking up what herbs I can which seems to be weeding out the nuisance posters.
Inscription purps – they keep turning over, I’ve been posting these at 210g for ever – sell one of each ever 2 days or so
Blue gems – reds have a top listing of 99g, everything else is capped at 55g – I keep 2 of each gem up and recently bought 135 ore stacks for prospecting.
Epic gems – small business for me – I cut transmutes and anything I snag in trade. I got on the epic gems late and am really waiting for Cata to revive JC as a money maker given that my current workhorse inscription might not survive the changes coming it’s way (Link here).
Flasks – nothing doing, no one is really raiding so I’m sitting this one out. I am holding sufficient stock to produce about 2 or 3 runs of flasks though so will either mill them or have a couple of last hurrahs in the market and see how I fair.
Vanity Pets - Still a good business – slow selling for a while then everything sells for max price in a few days as someone decides to build their pets up – I’ve capped price on 40s pets at 35g
Decks – got quite a few of these up at the moment as I liquidate a portion of my 2000 strong snowfall stockpile (hey, don’t point, it just happened) I’m selling them too expensively atm and will continue to do that until Darkmoon, then I’ll drop the price if they don’t move.
Bags – I’ve felt out the market a few times and am stockpiling netherweave and frostweave but won’t post seriously until Cata on this one. This is more of a hobby than anything else – I have at least a banktab full of netherweave bolt stacks and half a tab of frostweave bolts – assuming netherweave bags go for a conservative 10g more when cata drops I’m only looking at around 8-10k profit. Still, it’s a fun enterprise.
Weapon / Armour Vellums – autopost 5 of each when I refresh chants – good sellers
Scroll of Fortitude – I post these in 2s for 25g on my server. They sell at a low but steady rate.
Snowfalls – I post with everyone else at about 15g each then once a week or so drop to 10g and post about 5 stacks at 200g. They usually all sell.
Chants – I’m flush with this profession at the moment, lots of chants selling well. Weekend turnover is around 2-3K a day. Difficulty with this one is mats. When prices were low prior to ICC going easy mode I bought everything the server had (and I mean EVERYTHING). I’m turning chants over now for good profit. Mats can dwindle very quickly on our little server though as is happening now. As a result this profession may choke prior to cata coming out.

Coming soon – BS. I have full sets of mats in the bank to power level to 440 – now I just need the time to do it. : )

What am I adding to my master list for Cata? Crafted purples for BS and LW (and JC if they’re in demand), patches for LW and tailoring and belt buckles.

I’m looking at crafted purps as the next stage in my AH strategy as you need a high stake to get into this field but the margins are good and the rewards for patient sellers are there. I won’t hop in until the first patterns from Cata drop.

Other news: I recently went auto with KTQ and the associated addons needed for compiling a buy/crafting list – In a word this addon is Brilliant. I’ve been manually processing on QA3 for glyphs – now I simply hit the "20" macro to get back to full stacks (following a bunch of crafting ; ). Look here for the youtube tutorial, very nice work by AH-whoring. Not to mention Kevmar’s great work in creating the addon.

: )

Stay liquid.


Monday, August 16, 2010

I visualize a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans…

It’s official, the botters are back.

For the past two weeks I have been very carefully pulling about 20 stacks a day of Icethorn off the AH from a fellow who sells only Icethorn and nothing else. He’s been keeping his stacks under the craziness of current prices on our low-pop server but high enough that he ‘looks’ legit. I have been buying his wares in toto every time he posts – my strat has been to starve the other glyphers of resources and it’s been working nicely with prices popping up to my fallback as the competition drops out of the market. This weekend just past a new poster has turned up and stacks plunged down to 7g50s – so time for a new strat as with plentiful cheap herbs come plentiful cheap glyph posters.

Recent Fun Facts:
  • Had my biggest day ever recently pulling in 11.9K gold. I can’t be absolutely certain it was all within a 24-hour period as I can’t reliably remember when I opened mail previously. Still it’s close enough – most of the 12K was from glyph sales.
  • All glyph stacks are now at 20 – I have become a very lazy poster indeed although I still make sure to do a full repost every 2 to 3 days.
  • I’m such a miserly bugger that I still resist buying my 6th tab on my second Gbank. : )
  • I’m about to level blacksmithing and a large part of my excitement is to see what new icons Blizz uses for BSing mats lol
  • I've got a substantial post coming soon showing what I've been up to over the last few months and what I'm currently making money on - watch this space ; )
Total gold: 350,000G

Stay liquid folks!