Sunday, March 6, 2011

week 3 and warlockery

Hiya guys -it's week number three and I gotta say I'm liking the numbers. After slacking off in the middle of the week I tried to come home to a strong finish over the weekend:
So that puts this week's take at 29801G. Those numbers aren't bad - they might have been better but I spent a reasonable amount of gold this week on the lock fellah as he hit 85!!!!!! Here's a pic and my lock and his new best friend. : )

At the moment it's all standard BGs but I've got myself into a level 18 PVP guild which runs rated BGs every night of the week so even with my two little blokes I reckon I'll get a few runs in.

So before we get onto the gold here's some great warlock links that I've assembled to help me with my guy - bear in mind many of them have a PVP bias.
For a start Cynwise is a great site about PVP in general with an excellent sugary coating of warlockery goodness. Amongst other things follow the link here explaining how your dots work in Cata. It's astonishing how often you'll find locks who are unaware of their thresholds. Don't be one of these locks!!!

This thread from Arena Junkies was invaluable I got a bunch of info on crafted gear from here and some more great PVP macros from here in particular the Fel Flame mouseover is great.

Finally here's a great all round site, The Warlocks Den which will keep you up to date on what's happening in the world of warlockery in general in addition to PTR info and a good forums page.
Now this week on the gold making front there have been no great stand-outs. I spent a fair amount of coin levelling my inscription up so that I could make the PVP off-hand and again levelling up tailoring so that I could make the PVP gear... which I'm now selling : )
Here's a snapshot of some of the non-glyph items:
As you can see much the same as last week - the older items still sell people. I also levelled enchanting to near cap this week and can report good sales. All in all I'm selling a bit of everything with an almost even split between crafted items, gems and patches. Of course all these items still come second to glyphs which are still pulling in large coin. You can see the Nerubian Leg Armour above - it's definitely worth a mention. I noticed when going through my screenies in prep for this post that, somewhere in the 80-100g range, this item is a constant seller for me - servers differ of course but it might be worth your time to give it a look if you're not doing so already.
Just a short update this week guys. Hope the lock links were helpful : )
Stay liquid,


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