Wednesday, May 16, 2012

things my rogue knows

…about BGs

I can stun lock you to zero. Especially if you’re a clothy or hunter (well, you probably won’t be locked for the very last bit but that’s okay, it’s nice for you to feel you’re contributing)

I cannot hold a node on my own unless it’s 1 on 1 or maybe 2 on 1. I like to have bait. Will you be my bait? I promise you won’t get hurt … much.

I can tie up a number of opponents just using Sap, especially if they’re idiots. This is veeery useful when the other team is on the charge, if I can peel off two or three opponents before they hit my guys then numbers are working for us. : )

Timing is everything.

In terms of stepping into Mercader’s boots and pwning as he does I am not yet even a shoelace.

If you’re a fool and, on your own, rush into a bunch of horde right next to me while I’m stealthed… I won’t be helping you.

For plate, Vanishing and stepping back in for an Ambush is an elegant way to finish someone off – it’s a good death, these DKs should be thanking me.

At level 71 in honour purples with honour weps – I’m looking fine!

; )