Thursday, May 5, 2011

30 days hath Postember

Yes folks, welcome to Postember!

Postember is a celebration of things WoW game and things WoW gold. Posts are aimed at being interesting and thought provoking – and there’ll be 30 of them. It’s an experiment – I’m posing questions that I’d like to see answers to… and then I’m answering them. You can too!

Feel free to get involved, I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Below are the posts I “think” I’m going to make. Management reserves the right to change direction at a whim. Towards the end of Postember I’ll review and see how closely I stuck to the plan. ; )

So here’s the starting line-up!

1. What's behind the name of your blog?
2. Why did you start your blog?
3. WoW X4… WoW Movie? WoW X5? Transition to Titan?
4. You play “how” many hours each week? – what was your longest play session?
5. Blizzard micro-transactions something for $100 – what is it?
6. What has been your best wow experience?
7. Is there a class you gank on sight?
8. Mounts Shmounts!
9. Dailies… numbing your mind, filling you coffers or things that make you go Om?
10. Most embarrassing WoW moment?
11. Gold “flaunts” I have witnessed…
12. Warcraft Achievement obsessions!
13. What is your favourite way to make gold?
14. Which toon do you enjoy playing most? What’s your toon transition?
15. What's your grind threshold: longest session, enjoyed grind, hated grind?
16. Zoned in – where would you rather be?
17. LFD and memories of olde
18. Most useful post(s)?
19. Favourite gold-making profession?
20. Watching your sales – Wake up man, Iz flippin ya petz!
21. Most enjoyable raiding experience?
22. Favourite play style – quest, 5-mans, PVP, raiding?
23. Blizzard puts something in-game for 200,000 gold – what is it and who is the vendor?
24. “Goblin, James Goblin” – your online persona.
25. Blizzard puts in place a new “change” option – what is it?
26. What new vanity pet would you like to see?
27. World PVP – if a tree falls in a non-BG forest has PVP really hapund?
28. What’s next… Platinum?
29. Marooned in the Skinner Box!
30. How was Postember for you?
31. Capping and the gentle art of persistence

Postember starts tomorrow – I look forward to seeing you all there.

Stay liquid folks,


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