Sunday, January 31, 2010

week 6 update


Well... not really 'mad' as such. I did have a mondo spending day on Saturday though. I bought chant mats, Northrend herbs, Eternal Earth, saronite ore, titanium ore, Eternal Life (for cards), Frost Lotus... all in bulk. All in all I spend roughly 10K over the weekend and made about the same amount back + a few grand.

Here's the weekly take then:

Total liquid - 118,745G
This week's gold - 10,976G

So not the normal 14+K but after the weekend I'm left with a stack of mats and one each of these:

Nobles Deck
Undeath Deck
Chaos Deck
Prisms Deck

with another Chaos on the way if I can find an Ace!

Saturday night Mr "100 Stacks" comes back on - I took all 100 stacks again and this time took the Eternal Lifes and Frost Lotus as well : ) I paid about 37G per lotus (AH 45G) and 19G per Eternal Life (AH 25G) so I was pretty happy!

I had my first run at DPS flasks this week. I put up about 70 flasks (60 with 14 procs!!) and everything sold. It looks like with the Saturday pricing I came out about 600G - so far so good. Quite a few of my compadre wow gold bloggers have suggested posting just before raid time - this worked a treat. Due to where ICC is up to I won't post again until Wednesday night. If other guilds are like our 10 man then they've already cleared the content for this week.

The proto prospecting of titanium ore this week was less exciting then I'd hoped.

2 3/4 stacks (ie, 11 prospects) gave:

  • 4 blues

  • 3 epics

  • 10 greens

  • 8 titanium power

So blues at conservatively 20G (80), epics at 170G (510) discount the greens, titanium power at 30g (240). That's 830G. The ore was purchased for 630G - 2 stacks from the AH, the rest from trade. No a lot of work for 200G but not great - cheaper ore is required.

Very happy with my buying strats this week - I focussed on buying out everything that was reasonable whenever I found it. This gives me good stock levels (I'm working towards a stack on hand of every glyph) and forces other players to pay higer prices if they haven't been stockpiling.

More throughout the week fellow moguls!



Friday, January 29, 2010

resetting the market

Why post 60% of the market down to 1/10 of their potential value?

1) You’re an aspiring goblin and intend to own the market through deep undercutting;

2) You’re testing the market to judge where other players’ fallback positions are – ie, post lower and lower and watch the prices bump from the minimum up to the fallback – good information to have;

3) You’re screwing with people to put them off-balance – a valid technique ; )

Ok folks – this time I paid more attention when Kboom came online and posted the 5G glyphs. He was undercutting a few 55G glyphs but for the most part it’s the mid teens and mid 20s he’s going for.


4) You’re resetting the market on another toon in order to increase your profits overall (a few days of other people’s pain for a bunch of future gain for yourself).

Of my two competitors on the glyph market (let’s call them Ig and Og) I’ve also noticed that Ig does not post on any of the Kboom glyphs. She is also my main competition and quite aggressive, using QA to repost regualrily.

So I rode out the 5G glyphs and continued to post under Kboom, selling good number of glyphs. Here’s what happened…

… nothing!

After 48 hours the Kboom glyphs disappeared from the server and my prices reset back up to 55G. So if Kboom is a goblin he’s the laziest gobllin in wow. He could still be a noob trying his hand every now and then but I think the evidence now points towards one of my competitors resetting the market under an alias.

As to who's alias - Armory shows him in a 1 man guild.

It's a good idea and one I'd previously considered - using an alias keep it friendly with the competition. Something to try in the future.

Sunday post tomorrow guys.



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

week five update

Hi folks,

Ok, now I know I said I wasn’t going to clear the AH of herbs, and I didn’t!

I did however grab 100 stacks from a guy in trade, which on our low-pop server is kinda the same thing. I got a good price though ; ) The risk was in that I didn’t know the breakdown, the payoff was that there was a very high proportion of Icethorn and Lichbloom, which are the highest-proccing Northrend herbs. I negotiated 14g/stack – Deadnettle and Tiger Lily usually go for about 15-17g and Icethorn and the like usually around 19-22g – so I was happy with that price. So potentially there’s around 600-700 inks in there between the Deadnettles which usually proc enough for about 5 inks and the Icethorns which go about 8.

The guy also had 3 stacks frost lotus for 800g a stack and I’m now kicking myself for not negotiating the price down and scooping them up too. Next time. : )

So here’s the numbers:

Total liquid – 107,769G
This week's gold – 14,775G

Another 14K week : ) this is one happy Mogul! I’m looking to alchemy to move things ahead.

So what’s happening this week?

I’ll be experimenting with alchemy to test and gain a better understanding of how the flask industry works on our server (posts to follow);
I’ll be dropping herbalism from my hunter and levelling tailoring;
I’ll be duking it out with my ol’ friend kboom who has resurfaced this last weekend with almost 60% market coverage for his 5g glyphs (posts to follow this too).

Can’t wait! : )

Catch you guys,


Friday, January 22, 2010



This is a BUNCH of FUN people! I love opening the mail to see all the goldz coming in!

I’ll post on Sunday as per usual with numbers but here’s a few things I’m focussing on at the moment:

Create a neutral AH alt
I’ll put my guy down at Booty Bay. I’ll need to get a guildie to come escort duty. There are a number of uses for this bankalt – selling faction pets, snagging DE items, posting wolf books. Aside from this though it’s a good idea to have a toe in as many markets as you can – opportunity costs me nothing here.

Stockpile books for Cata
I’m buying these at the moment when they get below 25g and using them on my crafter. He’s almost at 100% coverage. Once he’s there I’ll stockpile them for Cata – I’m expecting around 75g profit per item when Cata drops. How many to stockpile is an interesting question. How many crafters on server? How much need will there be? How many other people on server with the same idea as this? I might cap stock numbers here at a few stacks.

Clear the AH of herbs
A fellow mogul has done this and had fun with it. On my AH though there’s too large a spread in prices not to lose gold – however, what this idea did do was to focus me on my buying strategies. As I was working out what the breakeven price was for me on different herb stacks I realised I could be buying at far higher prices then I have been – especially on the higher-proccing herbs such as icethorn.

Create a list of vendor pets
Calico cat and albino snakes are selling well – what else can this semi-reformed rabbit purveyor procure? Pets that are either newer or difficult to get to are the ones to go for. Auto posting on QA2 will need to be set up and I’ll have to think through supply chain (ie, 1 run per month getting lots and lots of product).

Buy big
I have 100,000G now – how can I use my money to create profits due to scale? The first thought that comes to mind is buying low (during the week) and selling normal (on the weekend). I’ve read of folks doing this with dusts and making good profits. Dust is dead at the moment though due to the dungeon DE option and increased DE rates in general so where to go with this one? I’m thinking of trialling on the Eternals market. The important question to ask here is: how much of this stock can I move? Will keep you guys informed.

Create another guild bank (Gbank 2)
Boy do I need this. As I have developed my knowledge of the crafting/AH system I’m appreciating more and more the power of buying low, and buying for ‘events’. Bank 2 will be a venture bank with riskier product.

Organise / Rationalise Gbank 1
There’s a bunch of stock in there that can be sold for profit. Time for a garage sale, then rationalise my inventory between the two banks.

Buy a grand’s worth of titanium ore
With a price of less then 165g per stack – I get a chance at 6 epic gems… which sell for around 200g. So that’s my break-even point for a first run at buying. I’m more interested to see what amount of additional product drops – blues, dust, greens. I’m building a picture of profitability. Will report on whether I can do better then 165g and what profit I find here.

Level LW
My raiding main currently has 450 mining. This used to be great when I was building my initial stack but farming runs have been a thing of the past for some time now. Time to drop mining and level something useful from a crafting point of view. LW is perfect for my guy who runs feral/feral tank/deeps – bracer enchants are win in these circumstances and provide a deeps buff into the bargain over the current stam buff that comes from mining. So, mats upfront on this one as I’ll want to keep buffs as high as possible – 0 to 450 in one go? Maybe.

Buy myself a present
I’ve hit 100k – think I’ll buy a pet… or just max out tailoring ; )

Or both!

: )


Sunday, January 17, 2010

week four update

Hi guys! : )

As of today I'm a transmuter! Woot! Now to build up my epic gem cache. I may take a swing at flasks too but won't get serious about this element of alchemy unless I can find a farmer for the frost lotus.

Total liquid: 92994G
This week's gold: 14,559G

I'm pretty pleased with this as I was back at work this week. I had a 4000G day midweek which was great.

Enough about me though :P I found out recently that my favourite wow gold blogger camps the AH. Or more to the point she's on a lot and isn't shy about cancelling and reposting.

The horror, the horror…

Ha ha ha – I’m kidding. This news in no way undermines her achievements, which are amazing (<3>

What is illustrated here is that once you have the building blocks in place it becomes a game of skill and self discipline. You create your system and work it. For those of you out there still trying to figure out how to make gold this should come as happy news. There are plenty of gold blogs around – if you put some time in you’ll learn and profit. An hour’s work every night, or every other night, will provide you a good level of income.

Am I advocating camping? No, definitely not, I think it takes too much time from RL. Not to mention that waiting in IF for the opposition to log on is a pretty average way to spend your wow time. I am recognising that wow has produced an infrastructure which due to an allowance of automation in addons and low posting prices (for some items - chant mats and glyphs to name a couple) rewards a cancel/repost cycle. I tend to start a play session with a cancel/repost - go play in Northrend - then finish with a cancel/repost before I log off.

So good progress this week : ) now I've got to work out what the next prof is to go 450 with. Either tailoring or LW? Maybe tailoring on the strength of this post. I'm thinking level up tailoring and find out how Markco does it ; )

All the best guys,


Sunday, January 10, 2010

week three update

A pretty good week.

Here's the numbers:
Total liquid - 78435G
This week's gold - 14231G

Hamstrung a little this week as kboom crashed the market to the customary 5-gold glyphs on Wednesday. This shaved 40g profit off about 75% of my inventory and the market took about three days to right itself. I kept my post rate up so that very few of the kboom glyphs sold.

Although I'm only a small player in the enchants market it still gives big boosts to my cash rate. Berserker enchants are selling well and providing a good level of profit.

I've done some saronite shuffling and put up some blue gems but with the time spent on glyphs I find I'm not that committed to further push-button grinding at the moment. I'm much more interested in high-end crafting. Dust prices being what they are I'm better off crafting items for sale and buying dust where needed with the profits.

Alchemy levelling is going well. This profession should start to become useful this week. : )

Cheers guys,


Sunday, January 3, 2010

week two update

Well well - we're up to week 2 compadres : )

Here's the tally:

Current liquid - 64205g
This week - 15881g

Okay - I'm pretty blown away by that. When I started this project I wouldn't have thought I'd hit such weekly numbers.

That said I'm on holidays and with only a couple of extra posts per day I'm owning a reasonable chunk of the glyph market.

What's been selling this week?

Going great guns - I'm restocking a couple of times a week and buying any northrend herbs I come across under 15g/stack. Vellums are also regular sellers; I've been putting up two stacks a day and they pretty much always sell. Able to ask between 11g to 18g an armour vellum and about 18g standard for wep vellums.

Yeah I've been slack. When I list I can command between 30 and 99g for blues. I'll put some time into this in the coming week.

Enchantment scrolls
Nice niche this one - a 20g mat cost can bring 160g profit. Mind you a 420g mat cost can bring only 50 so go figure. On the whole though this market represents the bulk of the profit increase this week.

My hunter hit 68 this week but it's been slow going levelling alchemy. I've hit a hole around the lvl 205-240 area with Goldthorn being rare AND expensive. I'm levelling in the meantime but am keen to get this profession up if only for the transmutes.