Wednesday, March 23, 2011

guild relocation service

A quick note - should you wish to move your level 25 guild to a new server Blizz is working on it.

This post relates back to Anaalius' examination of passive income.

Now potentially you can build your guild on a high-pop server and for an in-game gold price relocate it to a low-pop server where such a guild would be very difficult to grow.
  1. Work up guild
  2. Pay RL dollars for relocation
  3. Recieve in-game gold

A fully-perked guild that toons would flock to on some of the broken servers might sell for between 100-250K I'm thinking.

It certainly feels like this stratergy would be against the EULA but I can't see how yet.

: )


Sunday, March 20, 2011

one million gold

Well folks I’ve done it – capped the 1 million. Here’s a pic of my lock looking a great deal more excited then my druid did last time. : )
It’s been a great journey with a lot of fun and gold on the way.

This week's take was 56,687G making this the second biggest week I've had. : ) Again this week it's been the crafted BS, tailoring and LW gear that's brought in the big Gs. I've certainly had a few big glyph days but mostly it's been the crafted greens and blues.

Now onto the interesting stuff...

Hi folks, I’m Stormbear of Thaurissan server aka Mogul of Back when I was raiding my main was a feral druid. We ran exclusively 10-man content and I loved tanking and DPSing through first Ulduar and then ICC. It was a great guild, well led and run (Hi Syltaryn and Dudeman!). Since those times I’ve been active on server levelling trade skills and in general playing this game less time-intensively then one has to as a raider but with an equal amount of vigor on the gold-making front. More recently I've taken to playing my lock Shortcut as main - he's a bunch of fun! : )

History buffs will know that Thaurissan was the first server to receive a free PVE to PVP transfer. My home server was Aman'thul and when a transfer was offered almost overnight the main raiding guilds from Aman’thul, Nagrand and Khaz’goroth ‘appeared’ on Thaurissan – instantly these guilds got access to the much larger PVP player base. I was soon hard at work in the AH making good coin as I’d come with a well-stocked vault of enchanting goods and the server was resource dry and the incoming guilds cash rich. I remember my own trepidation at the transfer - retrospectively… it was the best move I ever made. Of course these days those guilds are gone and Thaurissan is a very unbalanced server with an Alli to Horde ratio of about 1:10. Even so I find myself, oddly, to quite enjoy playing on this server - the world PVP is great and the AH markets are chaotic and fluctuate wildly.
I'd like to give a big shout out to the great folk I've been learning from in the blogosphere, special mention to Anaalius and Stokpile: Stok for his great work and attention to detail, Anaalius (who’s gold pile has oft times been a similar height to mine) for showing the extents of where you can go with this minigame when you’re happy to risk it all. Also Tella from Hit the Cap definitely inspired me and provided a lot of my early direction in gold making; and of course Warcraft Econ with their rogues’ gallery of goblins (and moguls ; ) are right up there. Finally I’d like to thank my wife who’s tolerated with good humour my strange obsession with this MMO and digital gold in particular.

Where to now?

In a wow sense I’m going to keep on doing just what I’ve been doing – why would I stop? I’ll likely rein back my glyph empire but I’ll certainly keep it functional. I’ll definitely be working to expand my other areas of trade just to see what’s out there that’s interesting to sell and I’ll be levelling toons to cap so that I can start to finally make use of those new recipes. The discipline will continue but the intensity will be scaled back.

I'll be posting here regularly of course and maintaining a presence in the blogosphere - like making gold this is simply too much fun to give up.

I'm sure longer posts about the process of capping and something a bit more in-depth on what I'm going to get up to will follow but for now I'd like to say thanks for reading and stay liquid.

: )


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

relevance deprivation syndrome

Okay – I’m saying not this Sunday. It’s looking to be a slower week and I’m doubtful I’ll get the 50K or so I need to cap. I may get quite close though. Big ‘reveal’ post coming at cap guys! : )

Now onto matters at hand:

As things stand on our server on any given day there are usually about 5000 auctions (yes, we’re ‘that’ small). Of course horde-side there are about 37,000 auctions but let’s not dwell on that… So 5000 auctions – guess how many of those are mine?

… about 1250.

Yep, I’m responsible for about a quarter of the faction’s AH traffic. Were you to go to The Undermine Journal (and know which server was mine :P ) you’d find four of the top 13 posters are my alts.

As I move closer to cap I’m pondering taking time off to reflect on the process and take a break from the discipline that gathering this amount of gold together in one place takes… and I find myself wondering What will happen to the AH without me?!?


Have I fallen victim to the myth of the great benefactor? Do I think the faction can’t make it without me?? I’ve noticed it before in the Hall of Fame posts: some auctioneers who’ve controlled AHs for long periods of time come to believe that they are providing product for the common good rather than for their own profit. As though they’re a feudal lord guarding their vassals’ plots.

It’s easy to see how this belief might form over time. As auctioneers we do influence the way the system works, we snatch the cheap mats and make the opposition pay through the nose to craft their goods; we often do sell goods cheaply, providing utility to our faction. When the weather is good we raid the opposition’s fiefdom, when the snows set in we hunker down and chew quietly on the grain from our cellars. It’s all part of the fun!

And in this instance – maybe, just maybe there’s the smallest kernel of truth to my concerns. I’m currently providing a lot of reasonably useful product to the AH. That is, I’m making things people will want to buy. A portion of the items on any auction house are not things people really want or need – many are left over memes whose time has long past, selling for under the price of a gold. So proportionally my own contribution becomes greater and I start to wonder were I to go off server would there be anyone pumping this type of product onto the AH. Would there be a new Mogul? And would he or she have the crafting capacities I have? Would they bother to craft every single glyph? Given the fact that I am often the only poster of the less popular glyphs it doesn’t seem likely.

As far as auctioneers go we do provide some form of service, even if it’s a relatively self-serving service ; ) It’s not our system but we still mould it into something that reflects us – our values, moods, whether we act aggressively or cooperatively, whether we plunge the AH into war or form cabals… Using our crafters and our equity it’s likely do we in fact provide something useful to the faction at large.

So it seems that the myth of the great benefactor, like all myths, has ‘some’ basis in truth. And when we leave a server it’s likely we will be remembered…

… briefly.

Stay liquid folks,


Sunday, March 13, 2011

week 4 - 950000G

That's right - 950K +
What a week! 62830G net! This is officially the biggest earning week I've ever had - I had two 15000+ days. No huge sales, just a steady stream of mid-range product. If it's priced between 50g and 1000g chances are I've been moving it this week.
You all might remember a while back I was talking about cobalt sets - here's an example of how they move, someone dings and bang!
I also finally took the time this week to dive into my saronite and frostweave stores and get some bags up and running again. The netherweave bags are a staple but I'd run out of the frostweave and the effort it takes to shuffle and then craft had slowed me down. Back at it now:
I started buying mats for these items about three months out from Cata - netherweave I bought at a max price of 6g/stack, frostweave at a max price of 8g/stack. So everytime I sell netherweave bags as per above I'm making about 23g profit. I make about 100 bags a week atm.

Will I hit cap by next Sunday? I hope so - it would almost need another 50k week though and I'm not certain they're that common. ; ) If not by Sunday it's certainly going to be soon!

Now as to what this little fellah got up to this week I can report that I now remember why I enjoy world PVP so much compared to the standard BGs... Alli don't usually cover themselves in glory in BGs. : / It's been a week of firsts on the BG front - through the random BG tool I've been through most of em. It's still enjoyable but more reheated pizza rather than fresh from the delivery guy. TL;DR - Alli loses a lot.

The Call to Arms for AV on the weekend was the saving grace making the process enjoyable again - AV is one of my faves plus Alli tend to win.

I've been working my keybinds, uncoupling a bunch of standard functions and shifting them to the F9 to F12 keys. I've been playing with Gladius for when I make it to the arenas and found this guide which is pretty good.

There are plenty of cooldowns I'd like to start monitoring but am having trouble getting Power Auras to play nice. If anyone knows something that can monitor things like the Nitro Boosts tinker on my belt I'm all ears. : )

The guild I've joined seems good. I'm still neutral and so am completing quests in the Twilight Highlands to build rep. We're now level 19 and the sooner I can access the honour bonus the better. Or am I getting it now? - I'm finding being part of such a mammoth guild more than a little confusing and am still getting my head around the new system - fun though! There are some great perks to come at level 20 such as heirloom cloaks and the like and all I have to do is keep questing and doing dailies which I enjoy anyway.

Before I sign off I thought it a good idea to put up a screenie of glyph sales. I'm making less and less from this profession as my other proffs take off + I have a camper who logs on before you finish posting. On the weekends though the AH is mostly mine as I carry out single glyph overpostings at irregular intervals:
That's it from me this update guys.

Stay liquid,


Sunday, March 6, 2011

week 3 and warlockery

Hiya guys -it's week number three and I gotta say I'm liking the numbers. After slacking off in the middle of the week I tried to come home to a strong finish over the weekend:
So that puts this week's take at 29801G. Those numbers aren't bad - they might have been better but I spent a reasonable amount of gold this week on the lock fellah as he hit 85!!!!!! Here's a pic and my lock and his new best friend. : )

At the moment it's all standard BGs but I've got myself into a level 18 PVP guild which runs rated BGs every night of the week so even with my two little blokes I reckon I'll get a few runs in.

So before we get onto the gold here's some great warlock links that I've assembled to help me with my guy - bear in mind many of them have a PVP bias.
For a start Cynwise is a great site about PVP in general with an excellent sugary coating of warlockery goodness. Amongst other things follow the link here explaining how your dots work in Cata. It's astonishing how often you'll find locks who are unaware of their thresholds. Don't be one of these locks!!!

This thread from Arena Junkies was invaluable I got a bunch of info on crafted gear from here and some more great PVP macros from here in particular the Fel Flame mouseover is great.

Finally here's a great all round site, The Warlocks Den which will keep you up to date on what's happening in the world of warlockery in general in addition to PTR info and a good forums page.
Now this week on the gold making front there have been no great stand-outs. I spent a fair amount of coin levelling my inscription up so that I could make the PVP off-hand and again levelling up tailoring so that I could make the PVP gear... which I'm now selling : )
Here's a snapshot of some of the non-glyph items:
As you can see much the same as last week - the older items still sell people. I also levelled enchanting to near cap this week and can report good sales. All in all I'm selling a bit of everything with an almost even split between crafted items, gems and patches. Of course all these items still come second to glyphs which are still pulling in large coin. You can see the Nerubian Leg Armour above - it's definitely worth a mention. I noticed when going through my screenies in prep for this post that, somewhere in the 80-100g range, this item is a constant seller for me - servers differ of course but it might be worth your time to give it a look if you're not doing so already.
Just a short update this week guys. Hope the lock links were helpful : )
Stay liquid,