Thursday, May 26, 2011

8. the etiquette of ganking

I use the word ‘gank’ in this post as I’m talking world PVP. I like BGs but World PVP is fun and due to the huge faction imbalance on my server I’m always running into opportunities to sharpen my saw.

So given the above here’s some questions I ask of my potential mark as I approach an encounter:

  1. How much stam have you got? Around 125K on anyone says potential PVP gear or higher-end raid gear. Not impossible but definitely inspires caution.
  2. Are you a gankable class? Okay – I’m on an afflic lock with good SP but not high burst so the more kite-able you are the better. Classes I’ve learnt to be wary of are frost mages, shad priests and, strangely, hunters. Plate classes are more skill dependant – if they know what they’re doing things can get tricky quickly – if they don’t it’s going to be an amusing encounter ; )
  3. Do I have the weather gauge? To put it simply this is world PVP, the terrain matters. Is there a handy spire for me to LOS around? Is there a level difference I can place my lockoport on? Or a corner around which I can place it (nothing is funnier than watching a warrior run around in circles looking for you whilst dots tick down : )
  4. Do you have mates nearby? Cause I sure don’t – Thaurissan Alliance is getting smaller by the day, I’m more ‘solo’ out in the world now then at any other time. I’m not hugely geared on my fellah so a two-on-one engagement is not something I’m looking for.
  5. Are you AFK!? Good grief, are you? Did you leave your toon standing in the middle of Deepholm for me to simply pick off? Why yes, yes you did and surprisingly you do this more often then people would imagine. As noted before our server is so horde heavy that most of the poor things never get the chance to fight alliance at all and even start to think they’re playing on a PVE server. I like to remind them whenever I can.
  6. Will this be an honourable fight? ROFLMAO – No! No it will not. If I can get the drop on you by dotting from begind an outcrop I will, if I can drag you to a helpful NPC and watch them pound you – I will… if you foolishly rez whilst I’m still in the area and I can dot you up while you’re on half health… you better believe I will. Why? There are no gentlemen’s agreements in WoW PVP. A horde toon who has been farming alongside me for 10 minutes will, when his mate arrives, not bat an eyelid at double teaming me. Queensbury Rules do not apply here.
A couple of further points:
  • Always attack! No exceptions, it’s going to be visited upon you sooner of later, you might as well test the water. If your opponent wants to fight they’ll come at you, if they don’t they’ll move out of the way. Locks are great for this as a couple of quick dots on anyone that comes too close usually answers this question for you.
  • Get VanasKos – it’s essential for world PVP. The panel goes red and your opponent’s name pops up and is hittable.  For world PVP this addon is your most valuable tool!
  • Have fun and don’t lose your sense of humour. You’ll win encounters, you’ll lose encounters – most will be workaday but occasionally (as with last night against a destro lock) you’ll have a truly epic encounter. Who knows, you may even end up /saluting your opponent.
: )


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