Thursday, May 12, 2011

6. Blizzard micro-transactions “First 60” program

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Following on the heels of the very successful RAF program Blizzard announced yesterday a new micro-transaction. Priced at $100 players can now purchase the first 60 levels of any toon as long as they already have a level 60 character on that server. Marketed as "First 60" or F60 this program has already proved very successful with a flurry of new toons hitting Outlands on servers within hours of its release.

A representative of the WoW franchise advised that modelling suggested many experienced players, though enjoying the radical revamping of Azeroth in Cataclysm, would much prefer to skip these early levels and focus on the higher levels and end game. “This concept was first aired at Blizzcon this year,” the rep noted, “we had an excellent take-up indicated. Approximately 70% of players who’ve been in game for two years or more would be likely to use this service. We also believe that this implementation will sideline many of the levelling services out there that have been circumventing the EULA and in many cases back-dooring account theft.”

Hardcore elements of the WoW gaming community are less impressed. Comment from Blizzard’s own forums this morning came in decidedly against the new F60 program. One poster noting that it was “cheapening the game more than the damn sparkle pony – if that is even possible.” Other posters noted that the P60 program was in fact the perfect vehicle for gold farmers who could now purchase as many level 60 toons as they wished when opening up a server to conduct their trade.

Blizzard has announced that should the F60 program prove viable a further 10M (10 More) service would be provided where players could purchase ‘any’ 10 levels they liked for the sum of $20 per, up to the starting level of the most recent expansion.

A special reskinned Lurky the Murloc is being shipper with the introductory offer of 60 levels. The whole package is available for a short time for a reduced cost of $89.

Could this be satire?   ; )

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