Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Just under a quarter of the way there :)

A quick update:
  1. I'm programming in individual enchants to QA2 with a minimum profit margin built in using info from my spreadsheet (which was created prior to 3.3 and the fall in mat prices so I'm happy I won't lose out to fluctuations). This will allow me to cancel and report more frequently - I'm currently doing things by hand through Auctioneer - need to automate and get a system up and running.
  2. Finish levelling my hunter - not far to go now.

My glyph business has slowed right down at the moment. There's a guy on server called kboom who crashes the market every so often. He'll post 10g glyphs undercutting 50g glyphs, then down to 5g and below. He doesn't have full coverage but he does have enough to effect the market.

During periods like this I make substantially less gold eventhough my selling numbers don't really decrease. This kboom guy just crashes the market and then doesn't post again. Why does he do it? Who can say.

The interesting thing is that lacking the goblin approach kboom's odd undercutting simply freefalls the market from wherever it was back up to a 50g position (all three major players have a 50g fallback).

Cheers for now,


Sunday, December 27, 2009

week one update

This blog's been going for a while now but this probably qualifies as my first official weekly update.

Current liquid is now 48324G

which means that this week I took 10324G

Let me just say WOOT! I'm so close to the big 50K I can almost taste it.

Big sellers this past week were glyphs, vandor pets and gems. I also spent a reasonable amount of time levelling my hunter alt so that I can max out another couple of professions.

Full recap of strat going forward at 50K.

Monday, December 21, 2009

4000 gold!

Big day!

Yesterday I made over 4000g net. I actually pulled in more but reinvested a decent amount in mats.

Apart from selling one of the new snakes and kitties for 200g a piece (profit 320g) I made my money on:
blue gems
scrolls (invested about 1500g to get into this market)
and wolf books.

Current liquid: 38000 gold

I’m still keen to try flipping. Post on flipping and using a snatch list coming your way soon. : )



Sunday, December 20, 2009

vendor items? don't mind if I do!

Will people pay 200g for a 40g vendor item?

Yes... yes they will.

Whether bunnies or albino snakes, there's gold to be make from grabbing stuff at point A and selling it at point B.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

scroll market

Hey folks,

I've been working on getting scrolls up; the idea is to have two of each popular scroll. I've yet to model the below on server info but here's what I'm looking at starting with:

Boots: Greater Fort, Icewalker, Superior Agility, Greater Assault, Tuskarr's Vitality
Bracers: Greater Assault, Major Stamina, Superior Spellpower
Chest: Exceptional Resilience, Powerful Stats, Super Stats
Cloak: Major Agi, Superior Agi, Greater Speed
Gloves: Crusher, Exceptional Spellpower, Greater Assault, Major Agility
Weapon: Berserking, Exceptional Spellpower, Mighty Spellpower, Mongoose

Mats for two of each of these chants look like this:
366 Infinite Dust
98 Greater Cosmic Essence
6 Lesser Cosmic Essence
42 Abyss Crystal
74 Dream Shard

The above list has been assembled with info from Tella and additions from wowpopular.

I'm still waiting for my broadband to come up so can't model AH prices against mat costs yet - it's only days away now hopefully O.o

Mongoose mats are not included here as I need to farm for the recipe. Infinite dust and GCEs will come from saronite shuffle. Still looking for strats for getting abyss crystals and dreamshards. Once I've got the whole strat together I'll edit and detail it here.



Friday, December 11, 2009


Hi guys!

This blog is about:

  • Tracking my progress, week by week, making da gold

  • Giving tips and techniques, things that I know work, things that I'm trying

  • Planning, philosophising, strategising and implementing

and lastly...

  • Providing some interesting (I hope) reading for you guys ; )

It's going to be a fun ride!

Here's where I'm at currently:

Liquid: 32,000g
Mats: maybe 5000g

80 main - JC, Mining (450/450)
80 alt - Inscription, Enchanting (450/450)
62 alt - Alchemy, Herbs (both under max)

Bankalt (mainly gems and ores)
Glyphalt (glyphs, offhands, snowfalls, cards)
Bankalt2 (questing, raiding mats catch-all)

I've a couple of weeks stand down currently due to a house shift (great timing - just as 3.3 broke) and problems connecting the broadband. In a way though I'm pleased as it's given me the opportunity to get this blog going.

Focus at the moment is levelling up my 62 alt and maxing out alchemy. Although I'm making pretty good Gs through inscription and some blue gem trading the plan is to get as much coverage as I can over as much of the market as I can.

Here's a couple of useful spreadsheets that I'm populating...

A crafting speadsheet from AH-Whoring , it needs an update but is still excellent - thanks to Sarainy.

And an inscription spreadsheet from JMTC with thanks to Markco.

junior mogul

Some time ago now there was a junior mogul who sold rabbits. He would ride down to Amberstill Ranch, fill his bags with bunnies and sell them on the auction house. He bought for 16s and sold for 2 gold a piece. It was a good business... and it gave him a buzz. Sure the gold was useful but it was more then that, the process of acquisition and sale was an enjoyable end in itself.

Slowly this junior mogul found other ways to make the gold he craved - he branched out to cats and other vanity pets, he travelled to out-of-the-way vendors and procured recipes, he became a skinner and a miner. Precious metals throughout Azeroth and Outlands were all he had eyes for - forged into bars they too went to the AH to increase his fortune.

In time he formed a cadre of mercantile-minded toons around himself and began to plan for something bigger...