Sunday, January 3, 2010

week two update

Well well - we're up to week 2 compadres : )

Here's the tally:

Current liquid - 64205g
This week - 15881g

Okay - I'm pretty blown away by that. When I started this project I wouldn't have thought I'd hit such weekly numbers.

That said I'm on holidays and with only a couple of extra posts per day I'm owning a reasonable chunk of the glyph market.

What's been selling this week?

Going great guns - I'm restocking a couple of times a week and buying any northrend herbs I come across under 15g/stack. Vellums are also regular sellers; I've been putting up two stacks a day and they pretty much always sell. Able to ask between 11g to 18g an armour vellum and about 18g standard for wep vellums.

Yeah I've been slack. When I list I can command between 30 and 99g for blues. I'll put some time into this in the coming week.

Enchantment scrolls
Nice niche this one - a 20g mat cost can bring 160g profit. Mind you a 420g mat cost can bring only 50 so go figure. On the whole though this market represents the bulk of the profit increase this week.

My hunter hit 68 this week but it's been slow going levelling alchemy. I've hit a hole around the lvl 205-240 area with Goldthorn being rare AND expensive. I'm levelling in the meantime but am keen to get this profession up if only for the transmutes.



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