Sunday, January 10, 2010

week three update

A pretty good week.

Here's the numbers:
Total liquid - 78435G
This week's gold - 14231G

Hamstrung a little this week as kboom crashed the market to the customary 5-gold glyphs on Wednesday. This shaved 40g profit off about 75% of my inventory and the market took about three days to right itself. I kept my post rate up so that very few of the kboom glyphs sold.

Although I'm only a small player in the enchants market it still gives big boosts to my cash rate. Berserker enchants are selling well and providing a good level of profit.

I've done some saronite shuffling and put up some blue gems but with the time spent on glyphs I find I'm not that committed to further push-button grinding at the moment. I'm much more interested in high-end crafting. Dust prices being what they are I'm better off crafting items for sale and buying dust where needed with the profits.

Alchemy levelling is going well. This profession should start to become useful this week. : )

Cheers guys,


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