Friday, January 29, 2010

resetting the market

Why post 60% of the market down to 1/10 of their potential value?

1) You’re an aspiring goblin and intend to own the market through deep undercutting;

2) You’re testing the market to judge where other players’ fallback positions are – ie, post lower and lower and watch the prices bump from the minimum up to the fallback – good information to have;

3) You’re screwing with people to put them off-balance – a valid technique ; )

Ok folks – this time I paid more attention when Kboom came online and posted the 5G glyphs. He was undercutting a few 55G glyphs but for the most part it’s the mid teens and mid 20s he’s going for.


4) You’re resetting the market on another toon in order to increase your profits overall (a few days of other people’s pain for a bunch of future gain for yourself).

Of my two competitors on the glyph market (let’s call them Ig and Og) I’ve also noticed that Ig does not post on any of the Kboom glyphs. She is also my main competition and quite aggressive, using QA to repost regualrily.

So I rode out the 5G glyphs and continued to post under Kboom, selling good number of glyphs. Here’s what happened…

… nothing!

After 48 hours the Kboom glyphs disappeared from the server and my prices reset back up to 55G. So if Kboom is a goblin he’s the laziest gobllin in wow. He could still be a noob trying his hand every now and then but I think the evidence now points towards one of my competitors resetting the market under an alias.

As to who's alias - Armory shows him in a 1 man guild.

It's a good idea and one I'd previously considered - using an alias keep it friendly with the competition. Something to try in the future.

Sunday post tomorrow guys.



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