Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Just under a quarter of the way there :)

A quick update:
  1. I'm programming in individual enchants to QA2 with a minimum profit margin built in using info from my spreadsheet (which was created prior to 3.3 and the fall in mat prices so I'm happy I won't lose out to fluctuations). This will allow me to cancel and report more frequently - I'm currently doing things by hand through Auctioneer - need to automate and get a system up and running.
  2. Finish levelling my hunter - not far to go now.

My glyph business has slowed right down at the moment. There's a guy on server called kboom who crashes the market every so often. He'll post 10g glyphs undercutting 50g glyphs, then down to 5g and below. He doesn't have full coverage but he does have enough to effect the market.

During periods like this I make substantially less gold eventhough my selling numbers don't really decrease. This kboom guy just crashes the market and then doesn't post again. Why does he do it? Who can say.

The interesting thing is that lacking the goblin approach kboom's odd undercutting simply freefalls the market from wherever it was back up to a 50g position (all three major players have a 50g fallback).

Cheers for now,


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