Tuesday, January 26, 2010

week five update

Hi folks,

Ok, now I know I said I wasn’t going to clear the AH of herbs, and I didn’t!

I did however grab 100 stacks from a guy in trade, which on our low-pop server is kinda the same thing. I got a good price though ; ) The risk was in that I didn’t know the breakdown, the payoff was that there was a very high proportion of Icethorn and Lichbloom, which are the highest-proccing Northrend herbs. I negotiated 14g/stack – Deadnettle and Tiger Lily usually go for about 15-17g and Icethorn and the like usually around 19-22g – so I was happy with that price. So potentially there’s around 600-700 inks in there between the Deadnettles which usually proc enough for about 5 inks and the Icethorns which go about 8.

The guy also had 3 stacks frost lotus for 800g a stack and I’m now kicking myself for not negotiating the price down and scooping them up too. Next time. : )

So here’s the numbers:

Total liquid – 107,769G
This week's gold – 14,775G

Another 14K week : ) this is one happy Mogul! I’m looking to alchemy to move things ahead.

So what’s happening this week?

I’ll be experimenting with alchemy to test and gain a better understanding of how the flask industry works on our server (posts to follow);
I’ll be dropping herbalism from my hunter and levelling tailoring;
I’ll be duking it out with my ol’ friend kboom who has resurfaced this last weekend with almost 60% market coverage for his 5g glyphs (posts to follow this too).

Can’t wait! : )

Catch you guys,



  1. Good luck with your efforts Mogul. I regularly follow a pattern like yourself of clearing teh Ah of herbs. Especially handy where the prices are below or at normal. You did miss a trick though with the frost lotus. UNless of course flasks go for ridiculously cheap prices on your server.

    Will follow yer progress with interest.

  2. Cheers Mag - yeah, that frost lotus stung. I'm into it now though. Going to AH the first bulk of flask this weekend. : )