Sunday, January 17, 2010

week four update

Hi guys! : )

As of today I'm a transmuter! Woot! Now to build up my epic gem cache. I may take a swing at flasks too but won't get serious about this element of alchemy unless I can find a farmer for the frost lotus.

Total liquid: 92994G
This week's gold: 14,559G

I'm pretty pleased with this as I was back at work this week. I had a 4000G day midweek which was great.

Enough about me though :P I found out recently that my favourite wow gold blogger camps the AH. Or more to the point she's on a lot and isn't shy about cancelling and reposting.

The horror, the horror…

Ha ha ha – I’m kidding. This news in no way undermines her achievements, which are amazing (<3>

What is illustrated here is that once you have the building blocks in place it becomes a game of skill and self discipline. You create your system and work it. For those of you out there still trying to figure out how to make gold this should come as happy news. There are plenty of gold blogs around – if you put some time in you’ll learn and profit. An hour’s work every night, or every other night, will provide you a good level of income.

Am I advocating camping? No, definitely not, I think it takes too much time from RL. Not to mention that waiting in IF for the opposition to log on is a pretty average way to spend your wow time. I am recognising that wow has produced an infrastructure which due to an allowance of automation in addons and low posting prices (for some items - chant mats and glyphs to name a couple) rewards a cancel/repost cycle. I tend to start a play session with a cancel/repost - go play in Northrend - then finish with a cancel/repost before I log off.

So good progress this week : ) now I've got to work out what the next prof is to go 450 with. Either tailoring or LW? Maybe tailoring on the strength of this post. I'm thinking level up tailoring and find out how Markco does it ; )

All the best guys,


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