Sunday, January 31, 2010

week 6 update


Well... not really 'mad' as such. I did have a mondo spending day on Saturday though. I bought chant mats, Northrend herbs, Eternal Earth, saronite ore, titanium ore, Eternal Life (for cards), Frost Lotus... all in bulk. All in all I spend roughly 10K over the weekend and made about the same amount back + a few grand.

Here's the weekly take then:

Total liquid - 118,745G
This week's gold - 10,976G

So not the normal 14+K but after the weekend I'm left with a stack of mats and one each of these:

Nobles Deck
Undeath Deck
Chaos Deck
Prisms Deck

with another Chaos on the way if I can find an Ace!

Saturday night Mr "100 Stacks" comes back on - I took all 100 stacks again and this time took the Eternal Lifes and Frost Lotus as well : ) I paid about 37G per lotus (AH 45G) and 19G per Eternal Life (AH 25G) so I was pretty happy!

I had my first run at DPS flasks this week. I put up about 70 flasks (60 with 14 procs!!) and everything sold. It looks like with the Saturday pricing I came out about 600G - so far so good. Quite a few of my compadre wow gold bloggers have suggested posting just before raid time - this worked a treat. Due to where ICC is up to I won't post again until Wednesday night. If other guilds are like our 10 man then they've already cleared the content for this week.

The proto prospecting of titanium ore this week was less exciting then I'd hoped.

2 3/4 stacks (ie, 11 prospects) gave:

  • 4 blues

  • 3 epics

  • 10 greens

  • 8 titanium power

So blues at conservatively 20G (80), epics at 170G (510) discount the greens, titanium power at 30g (240). That's 830G. The ore was purchased for 630G - 2 stacks from the AH, the rest from trade. No a lot of work for 200G but not great - cheaper ore is required.

Very happy with my buying strats this week - I focussed on buying out everything that was reasonable whenever I found it. This gives me good stock levels (I'm working towards a stack on hand of every glyph) and forces other players to pay higer prices if they haven't been stockpiling.

More throughout the week fellow moguls!



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