Thursday, June 2, 2011

10. Filthy Lucre

High drama in the ‘commercial’ gold blogging community.

The attack and the counter-attack. Neither poster covers themselves in glory.

Blogging in its purest sense is about recording your experiences and thoughts, for personal insight and to share them with others. Both of these sites are not what I’d call blogs – they share information on a daily basis in order to generate a higher number of people to sell gold guides and related services to. They propagate a general theme of community involvement but I think you’d have to look pretty hard in the opposite direction not to see the business edge these fellahs are pursuing.

What shows through is that this spat is personal and determinedly public. The attempt from both sides is to name and shame, to alienate each respective site from the gold blogging ‘community’.

The direction this squabbling has taken makes me wonder just how much money is actually in the selling of guides and associated product and how much, to paraphrase Jamie Wednesday, the ‘commercial’ gold blogging community “eats itself”.

Beware young bloggers… beware.

; )


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  1. Hey man I love ur blog, Maybe wanna Link my blog to yours and i do same to yours =)?
    Girl gamer from finland =P
    Writing is from 2.7k warrior POV :)