Tuesday, October 4, 2011

24. you are here!

50k to go!

Five of my guys are going across to the new server so that’s 250K liquid I can take. Recent purchases were another truckload of ore and herbs for buckles, chant mats and glyphs and many portable holes for my first alt on the new server. Once I get down to the 250K I’ll have effectively purchased, shuffled and crafted my way through 900,000 gold which let me tell you was much harder than making it ; )

I can’t believe I’m now so close; the short booms and long gluts for resources on this server have been annoying.

But I’m almost ready to move!

Just in time too… on average we now have about 4000 auctions up at any time. This is dismal and a clear indicator that bad things are happening to the faction population-wise. For reference Frostmourne has over 30,000 auctions up at any one time. A key indicator that I scan for is the price drop across the first page when searching highest price – on Thaurissan it falls to 1500g items with the first 50.

More on why people stay on this type of server and why Blizzard lets them later.

Stay (limitedly) liquid folks,



  1. Mogul -

    How do you check the # of auctions your server has up at a given time / on average? I'm just getting into being serious with my AH activites, and I'm really trying to get a feel for what my server is capable of.

  2. Hey Thracken - simply hit search and the number will come up in the bottom right-hand corner of the window. This might be an auctioneer addon thing, not sure as I haven't had this turned off in 4 years. ;)

    Good luck out there - if you want to check on what your server is capable of I suggest you go to Undermine Journal hit on one of the tabs suck as Mining and then contrast it to one of the servers that a WoWEcon 2 millionaire comes from. That'll show you the sort of raw mats power those numbers need.

  3. Thanks for the response! I hadn't thought of comparing to one of the published millionaires - definitely gonna do that.

    FYI - I don't currently have auctioneer on - I disabled it when I installed TSM - but doing a blank search still shows the total # of auctions - I think it must be part of the default UI.