Tuesday, September 27, 2011

23. what does a gbank tab of pyrite ore look like?

The above screeny shows what happens when you prospect an entire gbank tab of pyrite ore.

That’s right folks, with their general “non”-epicness now revealed I’m deciding what to do with 12243 pyrite ores.

Now I know you’re wondering how much gold I invested into this pile? Hard to say but I started a long time ago and usually bought only when ore was low. I also remember getting a pretty good run on 150-200 stacks around the 45g mark. So taking all this into account I’m thinking about 45k gold to get my many stacks which is an average stack cost of 75g max.

The interesting question is what am I going to do with it now? Turning some ore into pyrium bars is a definite. But really, 50 stacks of pyrium is probably enough. Following this I’ll have 10243 pyrite ore to prospect into gems and volatile earths. Stats for ore and bars, based upon the prospecting above, will be 925 rares, 2028 greens and 4087 volatile earths. So 612 ore stacks gets turned into 168 gem stacks and 50 stacks of pyrium bars.

Future of the gem market
Bang – gems gems gems will hit the market when 4.3 drops. Why then? Cause most people will hold onto their ore in the vain hope that Blizz might change their minds and make epics drop from ore after all.

They won’t. Winding the process for epic gems back to BC is not an accident. It’s an attempt to maintain or possibly save the future of raiding for this game. Blizz has decided that there are now some things you simply won’t have unless you raid. I’m cool with that as the vast majority of players do not raid in any regular manner. It’s interesting from a social perspective but I’ll save that post for another time.

I will however wait until the PTR drops to prospect my ore… just to be sure. ; )

So pyrite stockpiles will be prospected and rares will flood the market having a reasonable but not huge take-up in the short term. Prices will drop, potentially plunge for some time. Expect to see cut rares as low as 30g a piece for at least a month or two. Some greens will be transmuted causing Heartblossom to spike early but the rest will be turned to dusts and essences via DEing.

Uses of volatile earth
Have a look here for uses of volatile earth.  I’ll be focussing on some bloodthirsty gear, BS gear, chants, smelting hardened Elementium and BS weapons. Even with this though there’s going to be an aweful lot left over. Prices are going to tank – maybe as low as 2g per.

Chant mats post 4.3
Will be plentiful and cheap but limited by items such as heavenly shards and maelstroms. I’m thinking we’ll be seeing dusts and essences tank at about one month after 4.3 with a slight rise over time following before they tank fully at the end of the xpac. Just remember that if it involves dusts there’ll be a far greater capacity for most people to make it and prices will drop.  Heavenly shards and maelstroms will likely rise in value as cheap mats moves new crafters towards trying their hand in the chants game.

My strategy
I’m not buying any more volatile earths. O.O There will be a glut on the market for earths and a drop in BS gear and the like that relies upon them. After a review of vol earths I’m not even sure that buying up what gets dropped on the market will be a good idea.

I’m going to trade all the JC tokens I’ve been putting together in preparation for epic recipes in for blue recipes.

I’m going to create a dedicated jewel alt, equip them with some big bags and keep 10off each cut on hand, posting morning and evening 3 per.

I’ll be shuffling green gems to dusts and essences and creating scrolls for every enchant I can and posting 5off on my jewellery alt.

Then I’ll be laughing at that hilarious punchline with the rest of you. It’s my hope that Blizz knew all along that pyrite was ‘never’ going to be prospectable for epics. I for one would not hold it against them if they came out and admitted it.

Stay liquid folks,


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