Tuesday, October 18, 2011

26. you can't take it with you

Wanna bet!
The move is made folks.  : )  I've brought five toons over to Frostmourne and let me tell you it's great!  There are folks dueling outside SW, both AHs are veritable hubs of activity and there are over 30k auctions up at any one time.  I can tell already that I've made a loss on a bunch of things that I had little choice but to convert my gold into on Thaurissan but there's items that'll draw a good profit as well.

I'm apping for a good PVP guild which hopefully I'll get into as I'm keen to get into some RBGs but mostly just loving being on a server which is so vibrant; I was able to get my bank guild sorted from some helpful guys in the human starting zone.  An extremely different experience from what I've been used to on Thaurissan where everything had to be done the hard way.

I've been out to Tol Barad to do the dailies to get a feel for the world(ish) PVP and had the odd experience of the Horde quietly turning the other cheek as they got on with their dailies.  On Thaurissan the general rule was to get in hard and often as you knew anyone you turned your back on would be back later with friends looking for the Alli 'rare spawn'.  Here I was questing alongside other Alliance - unheard of!  I actually had the opportunity to take a few Horde down but didn't - without the huge faction imbalance it felt odd.  I'll have to get used to that.

So here's a look at what I came over with.  You'll notice that only four toons are shown - got to keep a little mystery  : )

Stay liquid folks,



  1. Holy crapola, that's a lot of product, now I have bank envy :(

  2. Sweet screens, submitted to Reddit.