Sunday, October 9, 2011

25. a poet by any other name...

...would smell as sweet!

I had 15K gold left over the 250k and decided to put it to good use - the poets of Thaurissan delivered.  A four-line poem was required with prizes of 5k for the winner, 2k for second and 1k for third.  I also did four honourable mentions for 250g each.

This was an absolute blast and really got me thinking about what sort of experiences we make for ourselves in MMOs.  Anyway, now's not the time for philosophising, onto the poems.

The winning entry was posted by Savahna and had a great visual quality to it and made me laugh  : )

Second prize was Yokono's effort - nicely done!
Lastly this gem from Victim:

This comp was a great way for me to remember this server where I had so much fun raiding and PVPing.  A great bunch of creative, fun people.

One last one before I go - loved this:

That was a bunch of fun - thanks guys!

Stay liquid (but only to 250K),



  1. The second place guy just copied off google, that poems been round since like 2007!!

  2. Good thing I didn't give him first then. ;)