Thursday, October 27, 2011

28. combats pets I’d like to see, in order of incredulousness

Run you fools!
Combat pets are on the way and that got me thinking, what new pets would I really like to see going at it?  The answer is below placed, as promised, in order of incredulousness:

Tiny t-rex – I don’t know why… wouldn’t ‘you’ like a Tiny T-Rex? You’re a hunter and have the TCG Savage Raptor mount and your T-rex pet, now you just need a tiny T-Rex pet.

Wriggling bag – every now and then some 'thing' escapes and crawls to join the fray

Hairless cat – comes with definite Mr Bigglesworth overtones

Helper monkey – an archaeology pet, has wings ala Wicked Witch of the West monkey army and a little cap - only... it's NOT helping!

Piranha – it runs on stubby little legs and when within 10 yards of a water body dives in and a red mist rises in the water ala Borean Tundra cooking quest.

Balloon animal – 5 different types of balloon animal, can try for a different type every 10 minutes, animation has character making little squealing rubber sounds and crafting animation.

: )