Wednesday, March 16, 2011

relevance deprivation syndrome

Okay – I’m saying not this Sunday. It’s looking to be a slower week and I’m doubtful I’ll get the 50K or so I need to cap. I may get quite close though. Big ‘reveal’ post coming at cap guys! : )

Now onto matters at hand:

As things stand on our server on any given day there are usually about 5000 auctions (yes, we’re ‘that’ small). Of course horde-side there are about 37,000 auctions but let’s not dwell on that… So 5000 auctions – guess how many of those are mine?

… about 1250.

Yep, I’m responsible for about a quarter of the faction’s AH traffic. Were you to go to The Undermine Journal (and know which server was mine :P ) you’d find four of the top 13 posters are my alts.

As I move closer to cap I’m pondering taking time off to reflect on the process and take a break from the discipline that gathering this amount of gold together in one place takes… and I find myself wondering What will happen to the AH without me?!?


Have I fallen victim to the myth of the great benefactor? Do I think the faction can’t make it without me?? I’ve noticed it before in the Hall of Fame posts: some auctioneers who’ve controlled AHs for long periods of time come to believe that they are providing product for the common good rather than for their own profit. As though they’re a feudal lord guarding their vassals’ plots.

It’s easy to see how this belief might form over time. As auctioneers we do influence the way the system works, we snatch the cheap mats and make the opposition pay through the nose to craft their goods; we often do sell goods cheaply, providing utility to our faction. When the weather is good we raid the opposition’s fiefdom, when the snows set in we hunker down and chew quietly on the grain from our cellars. It’s all part of the fun!

And in this instance – maybe, just maybe there’s the smallest kernel of truth to my concerns. I’m currently providing a lot of reasonably useful product to the AH. That is, I’m making things people will want to buy. A portion of the items on any auction house are not things people really want or need – many are left over memes whose time has long past, selling for under the price of a gold. So proportionally my own contribution becomes greater and I start to wonder were I to go off server would there be anyone pumping this type of product onto the AH. Would there be a new Mogul? And would he or she have the crafting capacities I have? Would they bother to craft every single glyph? Given the fact that I am often the only poster of the less popular glyphs it doesn’t seem likely.

As far as auctioneers go we do provide some form of service, even if it’s a relatively self-serving service ; ) It’s not our system but we still mould it into something that reflects us – our values, moods, whether we act aggressively or cooperatively, whether we plunge the AH into war or form cabals… Using our crafters and our equity it’s likely do we in fact provide something useful to the faction at large.

So it seems that the myth of the great benefactor, like all myths, has ‘some’ basis in truth. And when we leave a server it’s likely we will be remembered…

… briefly.

Stay liquid folks,


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