Sunday, March 13, 2011

week 4 - 950000G

That's right - 950K +
What a week! 62830G net! This is officially the biggest earning week I've ever had - I had two 15000+ days. No huge sales, just a steady stream of mid-range product. If it's priced between 50g and 1000g chances are I've been moving it this week.
You all might remember a while back I was talking about cobalt sets - here's an example of how they move, someone dings and bang!
I also finally took the time this week to dive into my saronite and frostweave stores and get some bags up and running again. The netherweave bags are a staple but I'd run out of the frostweave and the effort it takes to shuffle and then craft had slowed me down. Back at it now:
I started buying mats for these items about three months out from Cata - netherweave I bought at a max price of 6g/stack, frostweave at a max price of 8g/stack. So everytime I sell netherweave bags as per above I'm making about 23g profit. I make about 100 bags a week atm.

Will I hit cap by next Sunday? I hope so - it would almost need another 50k week though and I'm not certain they're that common. ; ) If not by Sunday it's certainly going to be soon!

Now as to what this little fellah got up to this week I can report that I now remember why I enjoy world PVP so much compared to the standard BGs... Alli don't usually cover themselves in glory in BGs. : / It's been a week of firsts on the BG front - through the random BG tool I've been through most of em. It's still enjoyable but more reheated pizza rather than fresh from the delivery guy. TL;DR - Alli loses a lot.

The Call to Arms for AV on the weekend was the saving grace making the process enjoyable again - AV is one of my faves plus Alli tend to win.

I've been working my keybinds, uncoupling a bunch of standard functions and shifting them to the F9 to F12 keys. I've been playing with Gladius for when I make it to the arenas and found this guide which is pretty good.

There are plenty of cooldowns I'd like to start monitoring but am having trouble getting Power Auras to play nice. If anyone knows something that can monitor things like the Nitro Boosts tinker on my belt I'm all ears. : )

The guild I've joined seems good. I'm still neutral and so am completing quests in the Twilight Highlands to build rep. We're now level 19 and the sooner I can access the honour bonus the better. Or am I getting it now? - I'm finding being part of such a mammoth guild more than a little confusing and am still getting my head around the new system - fun though! There are some great perks to come at level 20 such as heirloom cloaks and the like and all I have to do is keep questing and doing dailies which I enjoy anyway.

Before I sign off I thought it a good idea to put up a screenie of glyph sales. I'm making less and less from this profession as my other proffs take off + I have a camper who logs on before you finish posting. On the weekends though the AH is mostly mine as I carry out single glyph overpostings at irregular intervals:
That's it from me this update guys.

Stay liquid,



  1. Wow cobalt gear is selling? That's a surprise, I'm going to have to look into it. I don't exactly have the bag space, but I'm always interested in trying something new.

  2. Hey Stok - I'd be interested to know how it goes on your server. On a small faction server like mine a lot of people are levelling alts. I think that's why the older items still sell here. Mind you cobalt gear is still an excellent tanking set that will take folks through to almost mid-70s if they're serious tanks.

  3. congratulatons on your highest earning week!

    Sooo close to the million mark aswell :) I might have to try out that cobalt gear market. thanks for the reminder

    xoxo anaalius

  4. Hello.
    Did you figure out how to monitor Nitro Boosts?
    I'having a hard time figuring it out. Been trying allmost every option without any luck.
    Google didn't give much results.

  5. Me again, and i figured it out.
    This is the string i use:
    Version:4.21; icon:inv_belt_mail_pvpshaman_c_01; buffname:Waist; x:-913; bufftype:7; owntex:true; exact:true; soundend:34; combat:true; size:0.25; y:-72; texmode:2; inverse:true; finish:0; timer.h:3.36; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.Relative:CENTER; timer.Transparent:true

    However i sit on a 24" widescreen so the icon may be to far left or out of the sceen on the left side.

    Go to /powa and import the string, modify to your item-name, sound and/or texture.

  6. Thanks a bunch for that - will give it a try : )

  7. There are plenty of cooldowns I'd like to start monitoring but am having trouble getting Power Auras to play nice.

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