Sunday, February 27, 2011

week 2 update

Olla folks - another week in the big city, another 20K closer to the target, more levels on the clock for my warlock.

This week my guy and his winged friend there passed through Deepholm, then Uldum and finally are now in the Twilight Highlands. I enjoyed these zones: Deepholm for its caverns and 'dungeoneering' feel (yes, I used to play AD&D - with dice!); Uldum for the wonderful birds eye movies with your toon front and centre; and now (at 84) I'm loving the Highlands as it again has that Northrend feel to it. I was afforded plenty of PVP as per usual and would like to give a special shoutout to the ret pally who landed next to me while I was at a questgiver in Uldum and squared off against me indicating he was ready for a match. While I'm not particularly into RP I thought this was an excellent way for a pally to behave and /bow(ed) at the completion of the festivities.

"Use the force, Luke." ... c'mon, I can't be the only one who thought that!

Now how about the gold making? Well, as alluded to I pulled in just under 21K this week:What you can't see is the 7K I spent on herbs but even so I had a surge in non-glyph sales. Here's a screeny to show you roughly what's moving and for how much: I should have but didn't take a shot of the huge run I had midweek on crafted BS and tailoring greens and blues. Thanks be to you O' levellers. : ) You can also see from the above that pets are going nicely, 70-80 BS gear still sells around the 100g mark and gems are still kicking goals. I've read on other gold blogs that cata blue gems are slowing - not on my server, we were slow to get going Alli side due to the large faction imbalance so these markets are still playing themselves out.Finally, I mentioned a while ago about Hyacinth Macaws and even further back about Argent Tournament pets. I bought most of these guys for around the 500g mark (the macaws closer to 5K of course) and am now busting them out.
The macaw I've got listed for the server 100% - I haven't seen any of these for ages now and still have one more in the bank. On the Argent Tournament pets I'm flying the kite at the 4500g mark hoping that the rarity will see them move - should be interesting to see what happens.
Stay liquid guys.

: )



  1. Glad to see you're making some profit on the weapon chains. My server has had people dumping them for a couple weeks now right after I went and crafted some for sale. I'm also a bit surprised to see the crocolisk food on there, I'll have to look into selling that.

  2. Stok - strength foods and the blood shrimp foods have been moving. I'm sure the int nosh would also go but guppies only come on the AH rarely. I think the levelling gear is moving for me as we're a small faction here with less chances to raid. O.o

  3. wow I just did a price check on some of the items in your screen shoot on underminer journal and I have to say your very lucky. A lot of the prices your selling items at on your server is considered high on mine. I'm on a medium pop server what is yours?

  4. @Prakash - my server pop is reasonable, my faction pop is insanely low. Once I'm capped I'm going to do the big reveal on servers and will give a bunch of info then. At the moment though I think the prices are representative of the mat costs (which are very high) and the availability of mats (which seesaws from glut to famine). Sometimes I sell nothing for weeks in certain areas as I'm not willing to drop below crafting price to secure a market. Other times I can buy out some of the cheaper product and assert limited control for a while as the stable of sellers is relatively low. It keeps me on my toes. : )

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