Friday, December 11, 2009


Hi guys!

This blog is about:

  • Tracking my progress, week by week, making da gold

  • Giving tips and techniques, things that I know work, things that I'm trying

  • Planning, philosophising, strategising and implementing

and lastly...

  • Providing some interesting (I hope) reading for you guys ; )

It's going to be a fun ride!

Here's where I'm at currently:

Liquid: 32,000g
Mats: maybe 5000g

80 main - JC, Mining (450/450)
80 alt - Inscription, Enchanting (450/450)
62 alt - Alchemy, Herbs (both under max)

Bankalt (mainly gems and ores)
Glyphalt (glyphs, offhands, snowfalls, cards)
Bankalt2 (questing, raiding mats catch-all)

I've a couple of weeks stand down currently due to a house shift (great timing - just as 3.3 broke) and problems connecting the broadband. In a way though I'm pleased as it's given me the opportunity to get this blog going.

Focus at the moment is levelling up my 62 alt and maxing out alchemy. Although I'm making pretty good Gs through inscription and some blue gem trading the plan is to get as much coverage as I can over as much of the market as I can.

Here's a couple of useful spreadsheets that I'm populating...

A crafting speadsheet from AH-Whoring , it needs an update but is still excellent - thanks to Sarainy.

And an inscription spreadsheet from JMTC with thanks to Markco.

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