Friday, December 11, 2009

junior mogul

Some time ago now there was a junior mogul who sold rabbits. He would ride down to Amberstill Ranch, fill his bags with bunnies and sell them on the auction house. He bought for 16s and sold for 2 gold a piece. It was a good business... and it gave him a buzz. Sure the gold was useful but it was more then that, the process of acquisition and sale was an enjoyable end in itself.

Slowly this junior mogul found other ways to make the gold he craved - he branched out to cats and other vanity pets, he travelled to out-of-the-way vendors and procured recipes, he became a skinner and a miner. Precious metals throughout Azeroth and Outlands were all he had eyes for - forged into bars they too went to the AH to increase his fortune.

In time he formed a cadre of mercantile-minded toons around himself and began to plan for something bigger...

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