Thursday, December 17, 2009

scroll market

Hey folks,

I've been working on getting scrolls up; the idea is to have two of each popular scroll. I've yet to model the below on server info but here's what I'm looking at starting with:

Boots: Greater Fort, Icewalker, Superior Agility, Greater Assault, Tuskarr's Vitality
Bracers: Greater Assault, Major Stamina, Superior Spellpower
Chest: Exceptional Resilience, Powerful Stats, Super Stats
Cloak: Major Agi, Superior Agi, Greater Speed
Gloves: Crusher, Exceptional Spellpower, Greater Assault, Major Agility
Weapon: Berserking, Exceptional Spellpower, Mighty Spellpower, Mongoose

Mats for two of each of these chants look like this:
366 Infinite Dust
98 Greater Cosmic Essence
6 Lesser Cosmic Essence
42 Abyss Crystal
74 Dream Shard

The above list has been assembled with info from Tella and additions from wowpopular.

I'm still waiting for my broadband to come up so can't model AH prices against mat costs yet - it's only days away now hopefully O.o

Mongoose mats are not included here as I need to farm for the recipe. Infinite dust and GCEs will come from saronite shuffle. Still looking for strats for getting abyss crystals and dreamshards. Once I've got the whole strat together I'll edit and detail it here.



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