Thursday, March 29, 2012

emote(ionally) compromised

Recently in a BG after being mobbed by the horde I happened to glance down at my text box to see the following:

Blahdeblah laughs at you
Blahdeblah laughs at you
Blahdeblah laughs at you
Blahdeblah laughs at you
Blahdeblah laughs (by this stage I was dead)

And I was surprised. And amused… but mostly surprised.

Emotes between the factions are much underused these days. We no longer share a communal city such as Shattrath or Dalaran and so taunting the horde by “making strange gestures” isn’t often done. Many can’t even muster up the energy to /spit – funny story about that, back on my old server of Thaurissan my slow-flying levelling druid once had a max-level hordey follow him the length of Nagrand impotently /spitting after a failed ganking attempt. Ahh good times.

But I digress, I’m now wondering whether I should, in my attempts to be the most annoying rogue I can be, resurrect this old-fashioned art form via a few choice macros.

/pity You look down upon <target> with pity
/boggle You boggle at <target>
/mock You mock the foolishness of <target>
/rofl You roll on the floor laughing at <target>
/laugh You laugh at <target>
/soothe You soothe <target>. There, there...things will be ok
/calm You try to calm <target> down
/farewell You wave goodbye to <target>. Farewell!

Of the above I think a single /farewell is the most poignant, but am also juvenile enough to think that spamming /calm would be hilarious. The true art (if this subject in any way merits such a title) is going to be in the timing of the single mocking blow which occurs immediately after the opposition’s death but before their release. It would certainly be challenging…

Or perhaps, as has been my way up until now, I’ll let my actions speak for themselves.

; )


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