Thursday, March 15, 2012

we few, we happy few...

Last night there were bots in my Gilneas BG.

Guess how many non-bots there were?


Yes, that’s right – 2! I led out of the gate and so capped the first node and I was surprised when all of my team dismounted to do the same thing! But then no one went anywhere. They just sat in formation at the flag. Myself and a warrior ventured off but no one came with us... so rather than dash ourselves against multiple horde we came back. When the node was threatened the bots counter attacked on masse coordinating against single opponents and then when the horde were dead went back to the precise positions they’d sprung from around the flag.

It was strangely beautiful but infinitely frustrating as I had the choice of deserting or simply watching the time tick down to a loss.

Never struck anything like it.

If Blizz wanted to offer an amazing upgrade to the BG PVP experience for MoP they could achieve it by simply stopping the botters. As someone who enjoys the odd BG I would appreciate it if they could produce a sound product that could not be tampered with.


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