Wednesday, March 28, 2012

stop right there!

Morning folks,

The altiness continues. I’ve parked my warrior at 74 and have rolled a rogue. It’s a class I’ve always thought would be last on my alt list but I found myself deleting one of my glyph mules, retasking some heirlooms, buying some heirlooms with honour and off I went. It was challenge and curiosity that drew me to trying this class.

I looked around the interwebz and decided to go with Subtlety for my spec. I chose this as people said it was ‘fun!’ Combat would have been more sensible apparently but people were saying Subtlety was fun. And you know what, it’s not fun, it’s FUN! Not only do I have astonishing burst but I have tools to confuse and annoy.

Last night I spent about 5 minutes tying up 2 shad priests and a shaman just using sap – watching them run around in ever decreasing circles really made my night. : ) As a lower level toon in my current band (I’m 22) Sap is a great tool – on my own I can bring to a halt almost an entire WSG horde attack simply by swapping around Sap. Rather then run on, the group dismounts and searches high and low for me. In the meantime my group is getting the flag and beginning their run back. Add to this that annoyed players make mistakes; their thinking is clouded. And if they do run on I try to make sure they run on without someone vital, such as a healer – that way when they reach my guys someone who could turn the fight for them will be missing.

I’m glad I got into this class, it’s fascinating.

: )



  1. Gotta say sub is a blast... In PVP especially... Though I. Dungeons combat.... IMO... Blade flurry and an heirloom sword or mace in your main hand... Its fun to do more DPS than those low level tanks that almost never get beat... Have fun wit you new rogue

  2. Thanks Achieve - I def will. I've been mainly in BGs atm. Once I get to 30 I'll get my second spec and am interested to make it Combat.