Thursday, July 7, 2011

15. wake up man I’m flipping ya squirrels

I thought a brief word on monitoring could be useful.

For a long time now I’ve been buying mechanical squirrels. I buy them for 9g95s and sell them for 59g.  I sell squirrels quite regularly.

There’s only one guy on server who posts them (apart from myself) and for as long as I can remember when he posts, I’ve been buying him out.

Does he know that I’m doing this? Has he checked on the pet market and seen that I have five of everything up, selling vendor pets from 35g up to 200g? I’m thinking not. I’m thinking that he’s got a process going and is not checking the market to see what is selling and who is posting against him.

So what can you do to keep an eye on things?
  1. If you notice a sudden buying streak on your stock then check to see who’s buying. Glyphers will be used to this as buying out the competition happens every now and then, especially when sale prices get close to mat prices.  Other folks may not.
  2. If you’re using one of the autoposting addons (well, as auto as they get these days) then make sure you have your viewing tab set to the standard auction tab when you post. This way you’ll see the competitions’ posts as you go through and know how you're placed in the market.
  3. Make sure that at regular intervals you check through your Zeroauctions (or the like) posting list and make sure your price ranges are still competitive with the market.  For example you may be selling a hard-to-procure item for way less then the market is willing to pay.  As easy way to do this is to set aside some time and check using the Enhancements and Consumables tabs on the Undermine Journal.
Don't let someone flip your 'squirrels'!

Stay liquid folks,


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