Friday, July 15, 2011

17. If Blizz made a 200K gold sink what would it be?

It’s a bus!

Where does it come from?

Gnomes… and goblins! Who else? Up in the hills above Gnomeregan there’s a workshop full of amazing gizmos and gadgets. Those who make the pilgrimage find a strange workshop, formed by an enterprising gnome called Screwtight Pinchpurse. Under his leadership a crew of fiscally minded short folk put together all manner of machinery – for a price. You must have 100K gold in your bags just to get in the door for a look.  The style?  Need you ask – steampunk for sure.

Who’s on the bus?
1) The Party Guy – a hard-drinking dwarf who sells questionable drinks and dances with the patrons when the bus stops
2) The Party Girl – a belf lass who sells ‘cakes’, glow sticks and bottled water
3) The Mech(anic) – a gnome BS and general merchant
4) The Bus driver – tauren with an attitude, or course
5) The Raid Group – that’s you and your mates, the bus holds up to 20 toons

Buses abilities:
1) Backfire – the bus gives an enormous backfire stunning all in the vicinity for 3 seconds
2) Rocket boost – 5 second speed boost
3) Anti-personnel ram – surprise your friends, pummel your enemies

Drive options:
1) Self drive – where you take the wheel, careful though, this thing is long and hard to maneuver
2) Bus Driver – available at any time the bus is on a known road, select the city you want to go to and bus drives to the gates

This bus would fast become the ‘must have’ piece of equipment for all serious PVP guilds as fleets of these suckers (well, given the price tag maybe not fleets…) could be seen pulling into the opposing faction’s cities like that campervan charge in Independence Day.

How about you guys?  Got any ideas for other 200K gold sinks?

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  1. The idea I had for a massive gold sink (perhpaps more than 250k) would be to pay for a statue of yourself at the front gate to Stormwind/Ogrimmar depending on your faction. It would be a big gold model of your toon with a personalized inscription and your character name.

  2. ^ Haha, it should be a whole lot more than 250k, maybe like 2 million otherwise everyone would have one.

  3. @Darraxus Love it - now I just need an inscription.

    @W.Econ sounds like the hall of fame just got physical ; )