Tuesday, July 12, 2011

16. feral provides interwebs with body of work

I’m levelling Stormbear to cap and given my server part of my prep involves getting the best PVP setup I can, stam patching all gear up the wahzoo, chanting weapons, gemming where I can, flasks, bandages... Everything the best that gold can buy. Part of my process is also revisiting my UI, macros, spec and playstyle. It’s been a long time since my druid was out in the world and a lot’s changed.

How do I know a lot has changed?


To put it bluntly I’d been doing it wrong. I had a standard PVP spec that was not capitalising on the awesome power of kitty bleeds. I also had not been using my class’s capacity to change forms, staying cat for far too long. The last time I seriously PVPd was arena somewhere around T6/T7. Back then kitties ‘never’ moved out of cat form. BGs and the class are different these days.

I’m paraphrasing the videos here and likely not that well so watch them:

This one is the feral PVP starter and it’s great! Spec, glyphs, stats to promote – wonderful.

This one is the start of what is effectively a BG training series where Hengest basically just takes you along for the ride while he runs through a BG. There is a whole series of these. They’re terrific for a feral to watch but are excellent also from the POV of BG stratergy. Highly recommended.

There are a bunch of these that I’m enjoying working through.

Great stuff!

: )


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