Tuesday, June 28, 2011

14. Free Thaurissan Alliance Xfers!

… are never going to happen!

Bwah ha ha haaa! Apologies readers, I couldn’t resist that one.

Patch 4.2 has dropped and a new quest hub has opened. Word is it’ll take the conscientious amongst us a number of weeks to open all vendors. On the 10 to 1 Thaurissan server that equals alt-levelling time as the horde swarm over quest givers like grammar pedants crusading against exclamation marks.

So I’m dusting off my druid and getting feral.

I did cruise down to the Thaurissan forums for a serve of server xfer angst. I was not disappointed. Here’s my take on our specific issue…

When you transfer servers Blizzard gets money. When you transfer faction Blizzard gets money. When Blizzard gives you a free transfer off this rock (or others onto it), Blizzard gets no money. Simple as that.

Blizz have tried to rectify this server’s imbalance before – I know, I moved three toons from Aman’thul back in the day and it was fun while it lasted. Seriously major PVE guilds arrived on server, outgearing the unprogressed horde toons sizably and pwning followed. This energized the horde and they came to the party and much fun PVP ensued. In those days we could even form raids such as For the Alliance. But that’s all over now. The experiment didn’t work and Blizz can happily sit back and say they’ve done their part. Yes, Rift is showing them up with their free xfer policy but I doubt they’re losing sleep over it.

So it comes down to what sort of play experience you want. Personally I love my roving PVP representative status on Thaurissan but know I’ll eventually leave. Reason? Good world PVP but not enough AH PVP. And when I do go it’ll be the logistics of taking over 1 million gold off server rather than the actual money for transferring my five 81+s which will be the interesting conundrum.

Stay liquid folks,



  1. For me playing on a PVP server has never even been a momentary question - the answer is absolutely NO. I think of myself as a somewhat serious casual player... meaning that I've got a lvl 85 (Ret Pally) and he's actually iLvl 340 right now. Although he CAN enter Heroics, I want to complete my 'pre-heroic gear hunt' before I jump in. I like to pull my own weight, not be the low man on the Recount list, ya know? I also have a DK that's 83 and a few in the 55-75 range. I like to be able to go out into the world without having to be concerned about being ganked by someone that has played the game since it was being beta tested and has pure epics. I just don't see the fun in that... and THAT is the reason I play - for Fun.

    I play for fun, I market for fun... if it became more of a job, that's when the fun would end and I would stop playing and find something fun. I enjoy my job, but they pay me to do it otherwise I wouldn't do it. I certainly am not going to pay someone $15 a month for something I basically have to work that hard on. This is bubblegum for my mind and that's the way I want to keep it.

    For those of you that play on PVP servers, my hats off to you!

  2. Matt - I hear ya. I came from Aman'thul with much trepedation to Thaurissan. I hated the first few months but after a while I started to enjoy the game. Everyone to their own - being ganked by the idiots is annoying but occasionally you get a fair fight. Those are really fun bits. Going out into the world where you knew you wouldn't be ganked does sound more relaxing though. : )