Monday, December 20, 2010

Golden Opportunity – Hyacinth Macaw

Okay folks – this one’s an oldy but a goody. This sweet little bird is on everyone’s snatch list as we all hope for the ‘noob factor’ of a 50g posting.

Since Cata though there’s been a change – this bird is still a 1 in 5000 drop but is now a ‘zone’ drop rather than just a pirate drop. So though the drop rate remains unchanged there is now a larger pool of mobs from which it might drop and at the moment as the levelling wave passes through STV a lot of these fellahs are popping up on the AH.

The Undermine Journal gives a spead of about 15K from a few 5K sales through to the standard 20K.

So where’s the opportunity here? Well, the levelling won’t be here forever and once the wave of goblins and worgens passes we can reasonably expect these items to become not ‘as rare’ as before but definitely ‘rarer’ then they will be for the next couple of months. Some servers are reporting two or three birds up on the AH at once.

So if you see this item for between 5000 – 10000g I’d buy and hold for the next three to six months at which stage your investment should have matured. This one is not without risk but potentially will have sizable payoffs.



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