Sunday, February 20, 2011

week 1 update

Week 1?!?

Hi folks - this all seems familiar but strange. The last time I was doing weekly updates was at the beginning of this journey, so what's going on now? Well, have a look below:

This week I pulled in about 29000g so am probably about 6 to 8 weeks away from capping the 1 million. Keeping a weekly update as I head for the new cap seems like fun.

This week about 75% of sales came from glyphs - blacksmithing midlevel blues continue to do well (81-83 crafted weapons in particular) and I think the faction is finally mature enough for me to get into alchemy properly again.

Got back into enchanting this week and will begin posting scrolls following spreadsheeting to determine my minimum sales position.

Best flip this week was finding four powerful spellthreads for 200g each. 800g later I had them all listed for 650g each - two have already sold.

Lotsa fun levelling this week - my lock is almost 83. I've levelled engineering on him to 450+ and am loving it. Little of fiscal value, my fellow engineers are pricing our few saleable items into the ground but fun, oh it's there. I have to go back and grind rep for my chopper but you get that. I've made my Roflcopter though and can report it's a hoot! : )

Lots of PVP, I've like to thank my grossly unbalanced server population for that. My kill ratio is still right up there - I'm pretty sure this is what locks were made for. ; ) Interestingly I've crafted pretty much everything I'm wearing, full deathsilk, trinks weapon, offhand, rings neck - my wand is the only thing I didn't create. No proper chants as yet, just a bunch of heavy savage stam patches. See below for a shot of my guy doing what he can for horde/alliance relations:

That's it for this update guys - looking forward to the coming week.

Stay liquid,


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