Monday, December 6, 2010


Well folks it's the end of WOTLK and I've hit the 600K mark.

This make me a very happy Mogul.
What have I been up to recently? Levelling this guy! : ) I've got to say that levelling an affliction lock feels perilously close to cheating and is a bag of fun. It's likely though for the next couple of days I'll hop onto my crafters and open up the higher levels.
What was my Cata prep? 3500 glyphs, 5x 32 slot bag of all sorts (well, almost), 200 Netherweave bags and 80 Frostweave bags. I'm pretty relaxed about it and am not expecting huge things early as all those worgens need a chance to level out of the starting zones before they really start buying.
So thanks for coming along for the ride in WOTLK guys - it's been fantastic fun, both the gold making and the learner blogging.
Have fun guys,

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