Sunday, December 19, 2010

on triple cap and the dangers of fishing

Current liquid: 650K.

Woot! Triple cap! The old cap anyway. ; )

The stockpiling that I did for about three months or so leading up to Cata appears to have been worth it. I was buying both netherweave and frostweave for 6g a stack max with the occasional frostweave purchase going up to 8g a stack when I got excited.

Netherweave bags are now selling for between 25g and 29g, or on average 20g profit and the frostweave bags are going for around the 95g mark; about 50g profit.

Glyphs are also selling very well - in terms of Outwit, Outlast and Outplay, glyphs at the moment come well and truly under the Outlast category on our server – as the days pass I’m uncontested in more and more glyphs. The new Cata herbs are still very expensive and in sufficiently small volumes as to not be worth buying; the old world herbs can be very cheap but supply is patchy/laughable. I have a fallback on my glyphs of 65g and its very rare that I see anything sell for less than that. Stocks are starting to run low but I'm still holding at least a half stack on most glyphs.
I’ve started selling Cata green gems and am putting the dailies together for JC. This evening I should get my first blue pattern though I don’t intend to delve too deeply into this market, saving my tokens instead for the epics.

Looking forward - where to now? Well, a couple more months on this server before I start putting my exit plan into effect. At that stage I'll be purchasing a second account and moving most of my gold across to horde, taking a 15% loss in the process. There I'll stock up on whatever epic goodies / high-end mats I can and will then be moving them back across the neutral AH for peppercorn gold.

Why move all that gold to horde and the mats back? Well, I like playing Alli and there are no mats on our side of the fence, certainly I doubt we’ll ever see BOE Cata purples in any great abundance. The horde side of our server is very strong; the alliance has fewer than 1000 active toons. Mats might kick in when people have finished levelling professions and if so I’ll change my strat but it ain't looking rosy.

There is of course another option… level all 10 server toons to 81 and carry 500k out that way. ; ) I should be able to move at least 300K on characters so there’s that.

Here’s something amusing to finish on:

I had an epic pvp last night with a 62 pally (my lock is 61). I logged in to see a bunch of dead, skinnable hellboars dotted away into the distance and instantly started following the trail before they despawned, skinning as I went. So preoccupied was I that I didn’t notice the pally who was creating the trail until I was almost upon him. He mounted up and came straight at me. So with no Soulstone or Healthstone I only had a pot, Drainlife and Deathcoil to get my health back up. He charged across the red plain, jumped off and got into it – I slapped Exhaustion on him, whacked up a couple of dots and kited the bugger. His Exorcisms hit like a truck; I dotted and bursted him down as I was able whilst running. In one of my longest PVPs so far I got him close a number of times, forcing him to stop and heal himself up, but finally he got me low enough to finish me. I was itching for a rematch but by the time I rezzed, got all buffs and so forth up and jumped on the gryphon he was long gone. I was surprised at how tough he was and decided now might be the time to get those Knothide LW patches to up my health. As I logged out to swap to my crafter I saw that instead of beating on the pally whilst holding my heirloom staff I’d be doing it with, you guessed it, my fishing rod. My SP with fishing rod equipped is 334, with staff equipped is 540.

: )

Ahh fishing… such a pleasant pastime and yet, so unexpectedly dangerous.

Have fun out there guys,


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