Thursday, November 25, 2010

A new life awaits you in the Off-world colonies!

A chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!

New Shattrath!

New Shattrath is a master-planned community that has been designed to capture the essence of the vibrant Outlands region. With streetscapes reflecting the mystery that is space goats on elephants you can now enjoy the rustic and technologically-challenging aesthetic of crashed spaceship while basking in a powerful sense of civic pride: streets are lined with a variety of interesting refugees whist the city itself is sited amongst winding walk trails which link the beautifully landscaped parks of Terokkar Forest. It all combines to offer you the ultimate in relaxed sanctuary living.

Did I say sanctuary? That’s right people, in beautiful Shattrath that pesky other faction won’t be crashing your auction house cause A’dal won’t let em! Gone are the days of post post post “Awww c’moonnnn”. Plus the Shattrathians have gone all out to provide a higher and better standard of trading than their Azarothian rivals. Sure the d├ęcor is a little rustic but the Shattrathians have provided a one-stop-shop of auction house, bank, guild bank and post box. It’s all under one roof people! With potentially the shortest AH to bank run in game and a non-lethal auctioneer environment the only cutting you’ll receive in this fine city will be “under”cutting!

So call 555-Sanctuary now and one of our friendly mages will be on your doorstep and before you can say “recombined DNA” will port you away to New Shattrath!

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