Monday, September 16, 2013


Olla folks,

I've been out on the Timeless Isle and can report that it's not that timeless... in fact, I have a very accurate way of telling the time whilst there. That being there's roughly 5 minutes between each ganking my lock receives from the horde.

I'm not against the process (although that's not to say I find it fun) and were I on the isle with a friend I'd be right in there for some respectful ganking; I'm on a pvp server afterall.  So fair warning, should you not wish your "game experience to change during online play" my suggestion at this stage is to play a stealthy toon. My durid and rouge are both sub 90 so for now I'll let this be.

One thing though - the rumours are true, 496 gear does pretty much fall out of the sky. In just a couple of journeys to the isle I've got my hands on about 7 epics and once I'm carrying the appropriate slot item for my class I then tend to get items for other classes for that slot, all BOA. It's great should you be gearing an alt and once I've got my warrior to 90 this will be the first place I come.

: )


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