Tuesday, May 28, 2013

clowning around

It's a boomy post! Just pipped 87 and now have to find a spot for Symbiosis.  I found a good
here and put together a shock list for who I'll target - at the getgo it's warlock for Unending Resolve, Rogue for Cloak of Shadows and then DK for Anti-Magic Shell. I'm very temped just for giggles though to go with mage for the Mirror Image and respec to treants - popping all those puppies at the same time would be most amusing!!

Monitoring eclipse state is getting better but I'm missing (eventhough I never used it) a clever addon that's no longer supported that would, in print, flash up helpful words under your toon indicating preciecely which spell you should be using, eg, WRATH. Tbh it could be that the better "monitoring" may be down to the crit build I'm now running proccing Starsurge more often and simply pushing me back and forth at a faster rate regardless of whether I'm pushing the right buttons. ; )

I'm finding Displacer Beast to be a really great escape for PVP - gotta use it early before you get trained. At the first sign of trouble pop it in a random direction NOT along your opponents current direction of travel (ie, out of his sight line) then straight back to boomy for the damage reduction - sitting in cat for too long is a disaster.

I've settled on a levelling process which is to complete all quests in Karasang Wilds whilst waiting for AV to pop.  I did this on my DK with Kun-Lai Summit, it's a fun way to go.


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