Saturday, September 28, 2013

708,000G and DCDS

A couple of things.  Firstly I made some gold (sold a mount and a huge number of pets) and popped up and over the 1 million mark again.  Then I spent a bunch of coin on keeping my warrior uber kitted as she climbed the PVP ladder.  Yes, it is an enormous amount of fun in the 80-84 and 85-89 brackets when you're wearing very expensive MOP blues.  ; )  Having a quarter of a million hits when those around you have 70K is, if not actually cheating, got to be extremely close - but after ploughing through about five horde defending a flag do you know what I discovered?  I don't care!  : )

All this conspicuous consumption has seen my fortune fall below 800K but honestly at between 2 and 8k a purchase I have a way to go before I'm destitute.

I have been giving some though to the gating of crafting recipes and have decided that next xpac I'll grind to unlock these.  I've always found the stready stream of small incomes to be rewarding and the gold I'm making atm from irregular large flips is strangely less fun.  Add to this the fact that without a full stable of fully equipped crafters I don't feel as Mogulish as I should.

While I'm here can I put a vote in for DCDS?  It was a crazy little idea put forth by Scott Andrews in a piece for WoW Insider back in early August.  In pondering this I can't help but travel back in time to tabletop days and a much loved dual-classed half-elf.  I pretty certain that this idea is the LAST thing that'll be finding it's way into the next xpac but with Blizz sticking to it's decision to only allow limited numbers of toons on servers (except for those soon to be merged servers) the thought of taking my gnome lock and rerolling a baby warrior makes me think that should this be actioned it really would be one of the coolest things in the xpac.

Stay liquid folks,


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