Friday, October 11, 2013

by any other name

Hi folks,

Names are important to me - especially when it comes to hunters and their pets.

Fooddude was originally a food mule back in the days where I had many gold-related alts and a couple of mains.  When I shifted from Thaurissan to Frostmourne I couldn't believe that the name Fooddude was taken (true fact - there are 54 Fooddudes across Blizz servers - go figure right?).  What this did though was to finally open up the opportunity for me to set up some great naming opportunities between my hunter and his pets.

Step 1 then - Hunter name... Sidetrack!  Available - I  c o u l d  n o t  believe it.  Snapped it up - Hi Sidetrack, nice gear, bit retro but shiny!

The double-barrel name was important as I can now double-barrel my pets.

Step 2 - name appropriately.  Below is a short listing of my rogues gallery.  : )

and of course...

Stay liquid folks,


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